Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly…


Thanks for visiting, I’m sure we’ll just love each other and get to be life long friends. Either that, or one of us will end up with an injunction. The title of this sort-of lifestyle blog references my main interests, and most articles you’ll find on here are relevant to at least one of them. Nobody could ever accuse me of not being varied in my interests.

A freelance writer, blogger and journalist, my work appears regularly on Metro, Good Housekeeping and Psychologies, as well as other news and entertainment publications both in print and online. I once appeared in a two page photo feature in the Daily Mail, but we try not to talk about that. An experienced copywriter and columnist, I currently write regular op-ed pieces for Write Sex Right and Simply Pleasure, one of the UK’s biggest chains of adult stores.

I am always happy to write to order – just click here for my media info

Onwards, my pretties!

Violet Fenn x


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