Author: Violet Fenn

Review: Womanizer 2Go Lipstick Suction Vibe

  I‘ve reviewed suction vibrators before, but Womanizer really is the top drawer version of these products. Not only was it pretty much the first one on the market, it’s also consistently held up as being the best.  But is it? Is it really? Gather round, my pretties, and we shall investigate.  Those lovely ladies at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium (best sex shop name ever) sent me the Womanizer 2Go, which is a lipstick-shaped version of the Womanizer but works in the same way as the original, by creating suction around the clitoris. Waves of air pressure then give the ‘vibration’....

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Don’t confuse ‘being caring’ with ‘being judgey as fuck’

You know those lists that do the rounds of social media? The ‘rules for life, but in a kind, caring and humorous way’ ones? THEY CAN KISS MY FAT ASS. Anyone who gives others a list of rules for life can go fuck themselves because 99% of the time those rules fit around their beliefs, not around what is best for others. The shittery in the following pictures was posted on Facebook last week, on a page for ‘fans of Jennifer Saunders’. People I know and love had clicked the ‘love’ emoji to proclaim that they too were cool...

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Dapper Missouri gentleman, postmortem

*** This rather unusual memento mori carte de visite is, I think, from the Frecker collection. It’s rather odd in that the gentleman in the image appears to have been laid out on a damask curtain! The positioning is odd enough that I would usually have suspected the subject was actually alive, but the ‘set’ of his face suggests otherwise.  On the upside, the card itself is unusually helpful, giving us both the date and location. Perhaps they just liked fancy patterns in Missouri back then? VIOLET  Click here to return to The Skull Illusion index page CLICK HERE...

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On having no shame

  ‘I have no shame.’ It’s something I say quite often, usually in response to amused-yet-slightly-horrified comments when I’ve had yet another article published online about something that makes people feel slightly uncomfortable, whether that be death or sex toys (and if you want to see something really fucking hilarious that I wrote recently, click here – tl;dr, I rode a motherfucking Sybian and wrote about it on a massive website BECAUSE I HAVE NO SHAME. Oh and there was that time I offended a lot of Catholics). ‘I’d never dare put my name to something that graphic’, people say. ‘Aah well,...

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Review: Lovehoney Rechargeable Mini Magic Wand

           *** Oh. My. God.  Can I leave that as the entirety of this review? Because seriously, that just about covers it.  I get to see loads of sex toys in my line of work – most of them a variant on the standard vibrator, but increasing numbers of massage wands, the vast majority of which are, well, ‘okay’. Not brilliant, just ‘okay’ (the exception to this is and always will be the Doxy, which I’m going to cover in more depth later this month – and not before time, as I now have three...

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