A friend of mine was sent a message today from someone who disagreed with how open she is about her mental health struggles. The absolute cunt who wrote the message – I’m beyond being polite, so fuck it – thought she shouldn’t be so open and jokey about things because apparently it makes their own struggles harder. 

Yeah. Her way of dealing with her personal situation somehow makes life harder FOR SOMEONE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WITH DIFFERENT HEALTH ISSUES ON ACCOUNT OF HOW THEY ARE, YOU KNOW, A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FUCKING PERSON. They kindly informed her they were cutting her off because they didn’t like her way of doing things.

Listen up, buttercups. I have a thing that I say to my teenage son when he’s trying to get away with something – ‘No, you did not do [insert random teenage stupidity of your own choosing] because you are autistic, you did it because you were being a dick.’ Having personal issues does not give him a free pass, because regardless of his own problems he is still perfectly capable of showing respect and manners to others. 

So let’s level that up to grown-ass adults who should know better anyway.

I do not give one ripe rat’s ass how many different meds you have to take to get through the day or whether you have a list of diagnoses as long as my saggy arse – BEING BATSHIT DOES NOT GIVE YOU FREE REIN TO BE A CUNT. You deal with things your way, others get through life their own way. That is how it works. If you don’t like it or them or whatever the fuck else, STEP AWAY. Switch off the computer, go for a walk, whatever. I like to drink gin until I fall asleep on the sofa, dribbling in a very unattractive manner. We all have our ways of coping when others are pressing our buttons and making us want to punch fluffy bunnies in the face.

What we don’t do, BECAUSE WE ARE NOT MASSIVE CUNTS, is project our own issues onto that other person and do our damnedest to make them feel shitty, just because we don’t like the way they do things. We’re all struggling, we’re all just getting the fuck through. The more of us that are prepared to yell from the rooftops that having mental health problems can be weird and difficult and confusing and yes, really fucking funny at times, the better. Because it’s not shameful and it’s not a fucking competition. 

There is no right way through it – we just get through. And we do our absolute fucking best not to tread on others on the way.

And then maybe – just maybe – more of us will survive it.