It may not be scientific, but I regularly judge gin by its bottle – if I know I’ll want to keep it after I’ve drunk the contents, then we’re already off to a good start. And this Blue Bottle gin from Guernsey is just glorious.

Whodathunk a bluebottle fly could be so HANDSOME?? The illustration – and, indeed, the name of the gin itself – was inspired by studies into bluebottles that the company’s head distiller made during research study many years ago.

The bottle itself is cuboid (I do love a squared-off bottle), decently heavy and a beautiful shade of blue. I really don’t like the colour blue – to an almost irrational extent, it just screams BORING at me, for some reason – but blue glass is something different altogether. 

Plus I like seeing the beauty in things that others find ugly – and flies are a wonderful example of that. Flies are CLEVER and they have amazing eyeballs. Fact.

So purdy (Picture: Blue Bottle)

Annnnyway, back to the mother’s ruin. From their website:

Blue Bottle is the epitome of boutique distilled gin. Each batch is meticulously crafted in our copper still at the Three Fingers Distillery on Guernsey. Our gin has a unique combination of botanicals scrupulously selected to create a delectable treat.

Traditional juniper is here but doesn’t dominate. Astute drinkers will appreciate the tropical scent of local gorse flowers, be cosseted by the sweetness of nutmeg and luxuriate in a hint of cubeb pepper. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence flows through to our bottle which you’ll notice is distinctively heavy and intensely beautiful, to continue the Blue Bottle experience even whilst pouring.

As it’s on the strong side I was worried it might be a tiny bit harsh, but it’s not at all. Botanicals including gorse flowers, nutmeg and peppers give it a floral tang, but it’s still absolutely a clean dry gin.

Drinkability: 9/10

Strength: 47% ABV

Serve with: Tonic water and a squeeze of ruby grapefruit.

Buy: £40 for 70cl from Drinks 21