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When you’re autistic, everything is ‘more’

Note: I’m well aware that as a spectrum disorder, autism affects different people in very different ways. Therefore anything I say or write about it is by necessity heavily weighted by my own personal experiences, but I suspect that it will strike a familiar note to many people with ASD. One of the biggest myths about autistic people is that we lack empathy. AHAHAHAHAH. Fuck me, the one thing I don’t lack is empathy. I do not lack emotions of any kind – in fact I have all of the feels and more. ‘More’ is the best way to describe...

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Things I have learned as an autistic adult

*** Although I’ve only recently been formally diagnosed with autism (Asperger Syndrome to be precise, although I generally just say ‘autistic’), I’ve always felt out of kilter with the world and have developed my own ways of coping with life. You know, those little things that mean you manage to not kill the Stupids – the stuff that helps you to not go stark staring bonkers under the strain of simply Existing. Especially the one about the forks. *** People don’t always say what they mean And quite often they don’t mean what they say, either. I decided long ago...

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Seeing things in black and white

*** Funny isn’t it – however much you ‘know’ something in your head, it often doesn’t seem real until it’s written down in black and white. Confirmed by someone else, so that you know you weren’t imagining it after all. Today I was formally diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. This won’t come as a surprise to many people who know me in person, but actually it was a bit of a surprise to me. I have had 46 years of being told I’m fine, I just need to get organised, get my shit together, just stop worrying, there’s nothing wrong. After...

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