When you’re autistic, everything is ‘more’

Note: I’m well aware that as a spectrum disorder, autism affects different people in very different ways. Therefore anything I say or write about it is by necessity heavily weighted by my own personal experiences, but I suspect that it will strike a familiar note to many people with ASD. One of the biggest myths about autistic people is that we lack empathy. AHAHAHAHAH. Fuck me, the one thing I don’t lack is empathy. I do not lack emotions of any kind – in fact I have all of the feels and more. ‘More’ is the best way to describe...

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Learning disability doesn’t have to mean lifestyle disability

  There’s a tendency – even amongst the most well meaning of people – to infantilise those with learning disabilities, which often stems from a desire to care for them and to protect them from the potential cruelties of life. The problem with this apparent kindness is that it has the unfortunate effect of potentially reducing a person’s life to only those activities deemed ‘suitable’ or ‘safe’.  Whilst no one would want to throw a person with intellectual difficulties out into the world without a support network, we need to remember that they are entitled to have as full and varied a...

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