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Review: the ‘Satisfyer’ – 2, Pro 2 and the Penguin

   I’m pretty sure Meg had a Satisfyer hidden under the table   Okay, so this is supposed to be a guest review but I do have input of my own, so I’m going to butt in. Satisfyer very kindly sent me three different models of their renowned toy, so I kept one for myself and passed two on to a helpful chum. The model I tried was the Pro 2:   I have to say, I struggled with this thing. Firstly, it looks nothing like any vibrator I’ve ever seen before – more like a face cleaner than...

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Review: the Pulse III ‘guybrator’

GUEST REVIEW, because obviously I do not have the right ‘equipment’ for main thrust of this product (sorry). Luckily I have the kind of friends who actually manage not to run away in fear when I approach them with a box containing unknown pleasures. Over to our brave tester…   *** From time to time I get asked to review items of a special nature, items that you might not want your cleaner, parents or random visitor to find, but are a great deal of fun in the bedroom.   The outer packaging is a high quality gold and black box,...

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Wanger Management – One Ring To Rule Them All (but three or more will get you off)

GUEST REVIEW – yes, my male reviewers are somehow still speaking to me… Zolo Stax Mix’n’Match Masturbator This is one of the stranger items I’ve had the experience of plunging my genitals into for the sake of journalism. It’s a modular system so to speak, consisting of stackable rings held together by a half-tube of plastic with plenty of room to add more rings at a later date if you wish to add to the three you get in the pack. It certainly doesn’t resemble any other type of masturbator one would normally come across (I use the term ‘normally’...

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Wanger Management Strikes Again

Once again I have managed to persuade a gullible male lovely chum into testing out a new and unusual product. Someone give that boy a medal. Although I am pretty certain that there are far worse things one could ask of one’s friends than to spend an afternoon trying out sex toys… Onwards! GUEST REVIEW BOOM. Wanger Management is back. So it’s with little surprise that I find myself putting my genitals into a revolutionary new device. By which I don’t mean a 4K curved television or the latest iPhone. Stop that. I’m not. Let’s make no bones about this; the Hydromax Bathmate penis pump looks like a pneumatic Lucozade bottle into which one’s flaccid fella is introduced. It comes with a multi-lingual manual in a smart box that wouldn’t look out of place being sold in a sports shop. The manual itself is brief but the pictures do little to show you how to use the pump – if anything, they confuse rather than educate unless you actually have the pump in your hands. The Bathmate itself is a sturdy, well built device and transparent, as you would expect so that you can see what’s going on inside. One thing needs to be made clear here; due to the nature of the pump, this is for use in the bath or shower only. Instead of creating an air vacuum like...

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Review: Linx Emperor penis sleeve

Sometimes I ask other people to review products in order to give different angles on things, and also because I like to see their faces when I waggle something REALLY weird-looking them and say ‘It’s sexy! Honest! Please don’t run away!’ Luckily for me, some people are really gullible lovely, and say ‘Of course I’ll try that, it looks fun!’ Those are the kind of people we like here on SDRR. We will call this particularly lovely person Jane. Jane tried out the Emperor Penis Sleeve from Simply Pleasure (or rather her partner did and she, er, joined in) and this is what she thinks (she’s still speaking to me, which is always a good sign). *** Can I confess that I laughed when I was given this to review? It looked like something out of a sci-fi convention! I was also a bit confused about what went were, but my boyfriend soon realised that his balls were supposed to fit through the hole. I’m not quite sure how he got everything into it, but he managed somehow [note from Violet – there are diagrams on the box to explain what goes where, but our trusty testers were clearly too excitable to remember to read them]. He says it’s a bit difficult to get on properly, because air gets trapped in the end of the sleeve as you push your bits...

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