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Review: Linx Cyber Pro Stealth VR headset

Sometimes I have too much work on to do all the reviews myself, and sometimes I simply don’t have the, erm, equipment required to do an item justice. On such occasions I pass products over to a small team of highly focussed – and seriously trusting, given the things I sometimes send them – guest reviewers.  This is one of those occasions. GUEST REVIEW It never takes all that long for Homo Sapiens to find their skills, advance them, and then use them to get their rocks off accordingly.  Consequently it comes as no surprise that the leaps in...

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Review: the Pulse III ‘guybrator’

GUEST REVIEW, because obviously I do not have the right ‘equipment’ for main thrust of this product (sorry). Luckily I have the kind of friends who actually manage not to run away in fear when I approach them with a box containing unknown pleasures. Over to our brave tester…   *** From time to time I get asked to review items of a special nature, items that you might not want your cleaner, parents or random visitor to find, but are a great deal of fun in the bedroom.   The outer packaging is a high quality gold and black box,...

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Review: Tenga Egg

This guest review is once again proof that I really do know the best blokes ever. Over to our brave explorer…   Most times you are asked to review an adult toy it’s quite obvious from the packaging what it is you are about to receive. Size and shape – heavy, elephantine cock form. Packaging – pink, gold or black with a suitably pneumatic girl or rippling muscled stud holding the aforementioned gargantuan replacement body part / gynaecological torture device in their glossy airbrushed palms. And it’s usually labelled something like ‘Anal Dicktator, Ultimate Pleasure Wand’.  This time however, was...

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Review: Lelo Hugo male massager

  For this review I asked a gay acquaintance* to try out ‘Hugo‘, from Lelo’s range of prostate massagers. I love the luxury presentation of Lelo products and the Hugo doesn’t disappoint. I had a brief peek before handing the goodies over and all I could think was ‘but what what on earth does one do with that pebble thing?’ Over to our intrepid investigator… *** The outward appearance was very pleasing – good looking to the eye and reminiscent of Apple products, which now appear to be the benchmark for good packaging. The inside of box continues with the high standards. On first encounter one is left wondering exactly how the device will work; its shape having more than a passing resemblance to the common ‘double-entry’ vibrators that we are led to believe are carried around in millions of handbags across the land**. Handling the toy immediately reinforces the impression of quality (is toy the correct nomenclature for a sexual stimulation device aimed at men? Perhaps ‘device’ or ‘instrument’ might be considered by some men as more appropriate) The ‘instrument’ feels nicely weighted, it’s size isn’t overwhelming, I wasn’t left wondering if it use would involve industrial quantities of lubrication, a crowbar and nurse on hand in case I felt faint. It has a pleasing silicon feel to it that encourages handling. But enough of this, you are wondering...

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