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REVIEW: Mike Garry and the Cassia String Quartet

  Wightman Theatre, Shrewsbury – 11th Feb 2017 Words are amazing things. They fit together like jigsaw pieces and push apart like opposing magnetics. But people insist on applying seemingly arbitrary rules to them and then tell us we have to follow those rules because if we don’t we’re doing words wrong. When I was at school we were taught only the sort of ‘proper’ poetry that involved (in my opinion, at least) far too much lonely cloud-like wandering and comparing of poor sappy women to summers’ days. Because according to my teachers, those poets – the long dead...

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Dear Liz Jones…

Apologies in advance for the Daily Fail link, but I wish to correct some of the points made in this article by the consistently and hilariously awful Liz Jones. I know she’s a terrible person – we ALL know she’s a terrible person. But this piece (do go read it first, cos this won’t make sense otherwise) made me chortle even more than most. So, in no particular order:   1) Ballerinas are not by definition ‘not too cerebral’. You don’t endure years of physical torture to reach your professional peak at the pinnacle of the arts by being a bit...

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Music to have sex to

Back in the day, I wrote a fanzine. It didn’t last long and was often quite incomprehensible, but I loved it. It occurred to me the other day that this site is more or less my modern version of that zine in that it combines all of my favourite things – as the site title implies (and I’m fond of saying A LOT), we’re all the product of sex (and most of us do it ourselves at least occasionally), we’re all going to die and music makes the journey between the two much more bearable. The time when I was spewing my random thoughts onto photocopier paper was pre-internet so I had a much smaller audience, but there was one article I wrote that people loved and would always mention when they met me – Music To Have Sex To. In a fit of nostalgia, I thought I’d update and rewrite it with some new entries (fnar). Obviously the choices are specific to me (and I’ll probably have changed my mind about them by teatime anyway), so I’d love to hear which tracks you’d choose for your own Musical Fuck List – holler in the comments! So in no particular order, here are my Favourite Tracks to Get Jiggy (to. Fucking hell it’s difficult to write snappy titles):   ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ – The Rolling...

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Interview: Big Boy Bloater

I’ve only recently discovered the joy that is Big Boy Bloater and the LiMiTs, having been introduced to them by a friend. HOW THE FUCK HAD I MISSED OUT ON THIS AWESOMENESS? Proper lairy, shouty and fucking funny shit right here. Massive girl crush alert! I managed to corner the man himself for a wee chat about influences, plans and the best music to have sex to. Because this shit is important. *** Some of your stuff – ‘It Came Outta the Swamp’ is a good example – could be described as ‘Tom Waits does B movie soundtrack’ (this is a GOOD thing, by the way). Who would you say were/are your main influences? Well I’m definitely a big fan of Tom Waits and ever since I was a kid I was into B-movies and classic horror films so I reckon you’ve hit the nail squarely on the head there!  Let’s chuck in some Screamin Jay Hawkins, Howlin Wolf, Mott The Hoople, & Elvis Costello just for good measure as well though!   You’re currently gigging – what are you plans after the end of this tour? MORE GIGS!  You can never have enough gigs!  I love playing live and I don’t think you get the full impact of BBB & The LiMiTs until you’ve seen us live.  So we’ve a few festivals over the summer then we’re planning another tour for the...

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Interview: ‘Codename:Lola’ – World Goth Day

*** The venerable institution that is World Goth Day once again looms mightily. To celebrate the occasion, co-founder of WGD Lee M has teamed up with Mark D (Carnival Star) to release a one-off project under the banner ‘Codename:Lola’. A reimagining of New Dark Age by The Sound, the track will be available as a free download as a thank you to WGD supporters. I chatted to Lee about the background to the project, plans for the future and whether we will ever hear a goth remix of Save A Prayer… *** Do you see yourself more as a musician or a DJ these days? I’ve always indulged some aspect of musical creativity through undertaking remix projects, so getting up to my elbows into something more involved was an inevitability. I thought that I might pick up momentum after working with Mark on Carnival Star’s ‘Era EP’ in 2014, but one thing led to another and…I got lazy instead. I made a promise to myself that 2016 would see a lot more work output and to get round to releasing a track for World Goth Day, which was something that I didn’t get round to doing last year, for several admittedly limp reasons. Hence, Codename : Lola. I needed help with the idea of course, and that’s when I asked Mark to do vocals and guitar for ‘New Dark Age’. I can’t sing for shit...

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