Eroticon 2017 – meet my sponsors

Eroticon, in case you didn’t already know, is the UK’s foremost conference for writers and bloggers who specialise in talking about sex in both fact and fiction. Founded by Ruth Douglas in 2012, Eroticon has this year been taken over by a new team and also has a new base, moving from its original Bristol home to Arlington House in Camden, north London. I’ve attended all but the very first Eroticon and will be there again this year thanks to my lovely sponsors, those awesome folk at Sheets of San Fransisco. I already knew the company, having met them...

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Review: Lelo Hugo male massager

  For this review I asked a gay acquaintance* to try out ‘Hugo‘, from Lelo’s range of prostate massagers. I love the luxury presentation of Lelo products and the Hugo doesn’t disappoint. I had a brief peek before handing the goodies over and all I could think was ‘but what what on earth does one do with that pebble thing?’ Over to our intrepid investigator… *** The outward appearance was very pleasing – good looking to the eye and reminiscent of Apple products, which now appear to be the benchmark for good packaging. The inside of box continues with the high standards. On first encounter one is left wondering exactly how the device will work; its shape having more than a passing resemblance to the common ‘double-entry’ vibrators that we are led to believe are carried around in millions of handbags across the land**. Handling the toy immediately reinforces the impression of quality (is toy the correct nomenclature for a sexual stimulation device aimed at men? Perhaps ‘device’ or ‘instrument’ might be considered by some men as more appropriate) The ‘instrument’ feels nicely weighted, it’s size isn’t overwhelming, I wasn’t left wondering if it use would involve industrial quantities of lubrication, a crowbar and nurse on hand in case I felt faint. It has a pleasing silicon feel to it that encourages handling. But enough of this, you are wondering...

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Alright, cock?

One of the most simple and effective sex toys in existence is the humble cock ring, yet not many people seem to talk publicly about their use. I can only think that perhaps they still feel cock rings are for those who struggle to maintain an erection, which is wrong. Well okay it’s also right. And what’s wrong with Mr Floppy sometimes coming to stay, anyway? Show me a bloke who says he’s never got the droop on at an inopportune moment and I’ll show you a fibbing mister with performance issues who needs to get over himself and realise that it happens to everyone occasionally. Everyone who’s male, obviously – yes I know you know this already, but as a women writing an article such as this, I felt I should clarify. And as a woman, maybe some people will wonder why I even have an opinion on things that get attached to cocks, an example of which I do not have on my anatomy (which is a shame, quite frankly). To those people I reply – I HAVE AN OPINION ON EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS BY NOW. Also, when I say that sex toys fascinate me, I really mean it – and not all sex toys are made for women. I like being able to advise friends about what might be the best...

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