Review: Lovehoney Rechargeable Mini Magic Wand

           *** Oh. My. God.  Can I leave that as the entirety of this review? Because seriously, that just about covers it.  I get to see loads of sex toys in my line of work – most of them a variant on the standard vibrator, but increasing numbers of massage wands, the vast majority of which are, well, ‘okay’. Not brilliant, just ‘okay’ (the exception to this is and always will be the Doxy, which I’m going to cover in more depth later this month – and not before time, as I now have three...

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Review: ‘Wicked Game’ massage wand by So Divine

Okay so this is going to sound like the most first world problem ever, but it feels like I am fucking DROWNING in wand vibrators recently. Everyone’s making them, so how can any of them ever feel like something genuinely new? Well, making a double-ended one is certainly novel, which is where the Wicked Game massager is massively different from its rivals. One end is a standard wand shape, whilst the other is more like a normal vibrator. My initial thoughts were that it’s trying to be everything but risks being nothing. It’s quite small, which is handy for travel...

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Review: the ‘Satisfyer’ – 2, Pro 2 and the Penguin

   I’m pretty sure Meg had a Satisfyer hidden under the table   Okay, so this is supposed to be a guest review but I do have input of my own, so I’m going to butt in. Satisfyer very kindly sent me three different models of their renowned toy, so I kept one for myself and passed two on to a helpful chum. The model I tried was the Pro 2:   I have to say, I struggled with this thing. Firstly, it looks nothing like any vibrator I’ve ever seen before – more like a face cleaner than...

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Review: Lovehoney Desire Luxury Magic Wand Vibrator

*** I have never made any secret of my love of wand vibrators and am lucky enough to own several. Like most people I have a definite favourite, and that favourite is the ever-popular Doxy. I’ve tried endless other types but nothing’s ever managed to match Doxy’s good looks and guaranteed results.  So when those lovely folk at Lovehoney sent me the Desire Magic Wand, I thought ‘Awww, that’s nice of them’ and put it to one side, thinking I’d get round to it at some point. That point turned out to be later the same day, because I...

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Guest review: O-Wand personal massager

Well now. This is not your average guest review and if you read on, you’ll see why. Contrary to what my darling pet reviewer says in his report, there was no mix up in my delivery of review products – I knew he had an occasional female partner and as the O-wand comes with attachments for both sexes, I’d figured it would be good to get both sides of the argument, so to speak. I hadn’t reckoned on him being so, well…greedy. Read on to see what I’m talking about. If you dare… *** Guest review: O-wand personal massager She...

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