Review: Lovehoney Deluxe Wand

*** I do love wands. By which I mean that I really, really love them. They are basically made to do one thing, and that thing is to bring the user to squealing paroxysms of delight. The best of them do this very well, but there are so many of them around right now that a product has to be pretty damn special to make yer average sex toy reviewer sit up and take notice. Once you’ve seen one sexy excitement stick you’ve pretty much seen them all. So does the Deluxe Wand from Lovehoney stand up to close scrutiny? Let...

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Review: the Mysteryvibe Crescendo

I have been waiting to review the Crescendo for years. Literally years. I first met the designers at Eroticon three or four years back and kept in touch throughout the process of bringing it to the market. I held its cleverly motorised ‘vertebrae’ in my hand before I’d even seen the fully finished item. The whole thing seemed new and interesting and potentially brilliant. So having a fully realised Crescendo actually under my roof was super exciting. Everything was going to be perfect, right? Erm. Let’s start with the good points. It was developed by very clever and genuinely lovely...

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Review: Womanizer 2Go Lipstick Suction Vibe

  I‘ve reviewed suction vibrators before, but Womanizer really is the top drawer version of these products. Not only was it pretty much the first one on the market, it’s also consistently held up as being the best.  But is it? Is it really? Gather round, my pretties, and we shall investigate.  Those lovely ladies at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium (best sex shop name ever) sent me the Womanizer 2Go, which is a lipstick-shaped version of the Womanizer but works in the same way as the original, by creating suction around the clitoris. Waves of air pressure then give the ‘vibration’....

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Review: Lovehoney Rechargeable Mini Magic Wand

           *** Oh. My. God.  Can I leave that as the entirety of this review? Because seriously, that just about covers it.  I get to see loads of sex toys in my line of work – most of them a variant on the standard vibrator, but increasing numbers of massage wands, the vast majority of which are, well, ‘okay’. Not brilliant, just ‘okay’ (the exception to this is and always will be the Doxy, which I’m going to cover in more depth later this month – and not before time, as I now have three...

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Review: ‘Wicked Game’ massage wand by So Divine

Okay so this is going to sound like the most first world problem ever, but it feels like I am fucking DROWNING in wand vibrators recently. Everyone’s making them, so how can any of them ever feel like something genuinely new? Well, making a double-ended one is certainly novel, which is where the Wicked Game massager is massively different from its rivals. One end is a standard wand shape, whilst the other is more like a normal vibrator. My initial thoughts were that it’s trying to be everything but risks being nothing. It’s quite small, which is handy for travel...

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