Review: LUVVU bedroom ceiling mirror

*** I was sent the Luvvu mirror when I was writing a feature about mirror sex for Metro. I have to admit that prior to this I’d thought of bedroom mirrors as something you only found in hotel rooms – nice ones in good hotels, but also tarnished ones in grubby hotels with what look distinctly like other people’s fingerprints around the edges. It would never have occurred to me to have one in my own bedroom at home – firstly I’d worry about having something that heavy hanging over the bed and secondly, having a mirror on the ceiling...

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Review: King Cock 12″ slim double dildo

Well they didn’t mess around when they named this one, did they? It’s certainly realistic and it’s plenty long enough for anyone, however demanding they might be.  *** Although it’s an odd looking product if you’re used to standard dildos and vibrators, double-enders are worth considering because of their versatility. This particular model isn’t too thick either, which can occasionally be a problem with some of the rather more, erm, ambitious sex toys.  It’s also genuinely realistic looking (apart from being a mutant with two heads, obviously), which is surprisingly rare. And it’s well made – I see an awful lot...

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Review: Fetish Fantasy Elite Heavy Duty Harness

You guys, YOU GUYYYYS *tugs at your sleeves* – don’t quote me on this in case I wake up to discover it’s all been a dream (please gods let the last few weeks have been a dream and the new US president a figment of my imagination, pleeeease), but I do believe I have found a strap on harness that not only doesn’t fall apart or cut your circulation off, it actually properly fits.  By which I mean it fits people above a size 14 – something which is far harder to find than you might think. Ever since I...

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Review: Scandal collar and body restraint harness

My, hasn’t commercial bondage kit gone up in the style stakes? Let’s face it, there’s restraint kit wherever you look these days, since the release of That Bloody Film. But most of it is either cheap and tacky, or custom made for the serious end of the market and thus horrendously expensive (which puts it out of the reach of the average shopper and also probably terrifies them anyway). This Scandal harness set sits somewhere in the middle – affordable without being cheap and nasty, functional without being scary. Initial thoughts – it’s made of decently heavyweight fabric in...

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Review: Gplug Vibrating Butt Plug

Cos what new year isn’t better off for being started with a vibrating arse? NO new year, that’s what.  The Gplug rechargeable vibrating butt plug does (as you might have already guessed because you are not stupid) exactly what it says – it goes up your arse and has a button on the end that you press for different vibration patterns. Personally I’d always prefer a straightforward steady vibration because when they go on and off at speed they give me a fright (and also I am a control freak and like to know what’s going on at all...

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