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fifty shades of what the f*ck is this

I managed to avoid watching Fifty Shades of Grey for several years. Not because I was particularly against it – I’d read the first book in the series and thought it was bearable if somewhat tedious and annoying, oh and appallingly badly written – but because I kind of knew I’d hate it.  Since then, several people have told me that I really should watch it because, like it or not, it’s had a huge impact on the adult industry. And I do a lot of work with that industry. I even got as far as buying a copy...

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PULSE from Hot Octopuss – 60% off

I wrote about this piece of sexy awesomeness a while ago – the Pulse from Hot Octopuss is a unique sex toy that can only be described as a ‘guybrator’. And a brilliantly clever one it is, too. The ‘Duo’ version boasts external vibes as well, so you can get it on with a partner (literally).  You can read about just how much my reviewer liked it HERE And from today (Black Friday) to midnight on Monday 28th November (all UK times), you can get a whopping 60% off with my special code – BFVF60 (click to open link in...

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Music to have sex to

Back in the day, I wrote a fanzine. It didn’t last long and was often quite incomprehensible, but I loved it. It occurred to me the other day that this site is more or less my modern version of that zine in that it combines all of my favourite things – as the site title implies (and I’m fond of saying A LOT), we’re all the product of sex (and most of us do it ourselves at least occasionally), we’re all going to die and music makes the journey between the two much more bearable. The time when I was spewing my random thoughts onto photocopier paper was pre-internet so I had a much smaller audience, but there was one article I wrote that people loved and would always mention when they met me – Music To Have Sex To. In a fit of nostalgia, I thought I’d update and rewrite it with some new entries (fnar). Obviously the choices are specific to me (and I’ll probably have changed my mind about them by teatime anyway), so I’d love to hear which tracks you’d choose for your own Musical Fuck List – holler in the comments! So in no particular order, here are my Favourite Tracks to Get Jiggy (to. Fucking hell it’s difficult to write snappy titles):   ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ – The Rolling...

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The Joy of Sex (toys)

  *** I’m in The Sun today, talking about why sex toys are BRILLIANT. This being the tabloid press they’ve left out quite a bit of pertinent info – and also an absolutely brilliant pic of me in a bed tent under my duvet, waggling a Doxy around my ears – but whatever you think of the paper itself, the fact that this sort of thing is now being discussed openly is just awesome. When I was growing up, most women didn’t admit to even wanking, let alone buying and using vibrators. This was probably a huge amount to...

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Historical hysteria

*** Note – since writing this article I have done a huge amount of reading up on the history of sex toys – partly for my Historical Sex series for MetroUK – and am now all but convinced that doctor’s didn’t do this at all. Sorry about that. This article by historian Fern Riddell explains some of the reasons why it’s unlikely – and I agree with her. Fun as it sounds, I honestly can’t imagine a doctor getting a patient off in the surgery, especially not back in those more sexually restrictive days. And even the most cursory glance at the...

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