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Guest review: O-Wand personal massager

Well now. This is not your average guest review and if you read on, you’ll see why. Contrary to what my darling pet reviewer says in his report, there was no mix up in my delivery of review products – I knew he had an occasional female partner and as the O-wand comes with attachments for both sexes, I’d figured it would be good to get both sides of the argument, so to speak. I hadn’t reckoned on him being so, well…greedy. Read on to see what I’m talking about. If you dare… *** Guest review: O-wand personal massager She...

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Why sexual happiness is a right, not a privilege

*** Sex is fun, free, good for you and I am one of its biggest fans. Sex is, quite frankly, brilliant.  But it wasn’t always like this – I used to have a dull, almost non-existent sex life. I wrote about it in this blog post about the horrors of being an unwilling partner in a Not Getting Any relationship and to this day it is one of the most popular things I have ever written anywhere.  I was astonished – and saddened – by the messages I received in response to that piece. I heard from both men and women...

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REVIEW: Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet

Sex is not usually a tidy business. In fact my motto would generally be ‘if it isn’t messy, you’re not doing it right’. But ohhhhh the cleaning! Whatever -ahem- fluids  you spill around the place (fluids is a brilliant word, isn’t it? Say it with me – fluuuuiddsss), they’re guaranteed to spill onto something they shouldn’t. Pale carpets, the duvet, the end of the sofa where the stain will be visible to all who enter your house until the end of time (or the day you get sick of telling people you spilled coffee, and just buy a new bloody sofa)....

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Review: Linx Cyber Pro Stealth VR headset

Sometimes I have too much work on to do all the reviews myself, and sometimes I simply don’t have the, erm, equipment required to do an item justice. On such occasions I pass products over to a small team of highly focussed – and seriously trusting, given the things I sometimes send them – guest reviewers.  This is one of those occasions. GUEST REVIEW It never takes all that long for Homo Sapiens to find their skills, advance them, and then use them to get their rocks off accordingly.  Consequently it comes as no surprise that the leaps in...

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Review: LUVVU bedroom ceiling mirror

*** I was sent the Luvvu mirror when I was writing a feature about mirror sex for Metro. I have to admit that prior to this I’d thought of bedroom mirrors as something you only found in hotel rooms – nice ones in good hotels, but also tarnished ones in grubby hotels with what look distinctly like other people’s fingerprints around the edges. It would never have occurred to me to have one in my own bedroom at home – firstly I’d worry about having something that heavy hanging over the bed and secondly, having a mirror on the ceiling...

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