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Casual Misogyny 101

  *** aka ‘Your Perception of Women as Participants in a Constant Catty BitchFest is Somewhat Flawed, Actually’ So I finally got round to reading this frankly fucking amazing book: It is funny and sweet and sexy and really good, and I can’t quite believe it’s taken me this long to get round to it. I’d ordered that ^^ version but the copy I was sent was actually a newer edition, with a different cover and a foreword by Dave Navarro of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. To start with I liked what he’d written, especially this: This shit is important. It’s taken a long time for women to be able to talk openly about sex and even in the present day it isn’t always an easy thing to do. Go Dave! But then I read his closing comments and my stomach sank into a little pit of sadness: Oh fucking hell Dave – and just when you were doing so well. In the space of one paragraph we’ve gone from feminist positivity to hackneyed cliches about women being in constant competition with one another and hostile (your word Dave, your word) to any other female who might be prettier/more successful/had a more interesting life. Thing is, Dave, we don’t give a ripe shit if someone shags our idols*. We’re too busy being awesome on our own terms, and/or high-fiving other women who...

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You can pop, but you might have to stop

*** I’m going to let you into a secret – well it’s not really a secret, just something that doesn’t often come up in conversation. I – along with Tory MP Crispin Blunt – bloody love poppers. I mean I really, really love them. They were a major part of my youth – sitting in an overfilled car in country churchyards at 5am with friends waiting for the sun to come up, they were a convenient amusement that didn’t leave anyone unsafe to drive. That feeling of your heart pounding in your ears whilst your face turns purple (it doesn’t turn anything, just feels like it) only to subside just as you began to panic you were actually having a heart attack – I loved that feeling. Yeah maybe I was weird, but then so were an awful lot of people back then *old lady voice* Like most people I eventually forgot about poppers as I got older and didn’t have time for random mindless shenanigans, but after many years of barely drinking and certainly not doing drugs (not for any moral reasons, I just rapidly realised that Class As turn me into an utter twat), I decided to give them another go. Everyone needs a hobby. Ohhhhh yes, I still love poppers. Lovely, lovely things they are (read this Vice article if you want someone else’s word for it*)....

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fun sex is apparently bad for your moral wellbeing

For ages I’ve had a couple of automated Google ads in the sidebar of this website, underneath my affiliated ads. They make me absolutely fuck all money (literally maybe a couple of pence a day) but I’ve always left them there cos they’re inoffensive. And hey, maybe one day I’ll have enough traffic that my ad revenue will be enough to, oooh, I dunno, buy a coffee or summat. Whatever the endless ‘how to make a fortune at blogging’ articles say, most people – myself included – don’t even cover their web hosting bills. So any extra income is...

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Rabbits, rabbits, everywhere…

AKA, ‘My Cats Are Determined To Humiliate Me At Any Opportunity’… This is just a quick post to go with my latest Youtube video, which is about rabbit vibrators. In it I talk about several different designs, so I figured it would be useful to list them all here with links for info and shopping. Unfortunately I didn’t realise until afterwards that my cat, Mr Bobinski, is clearly visible in the background and is happily cleaning his nether regions for a good proportion of the vid. Sigh… These are the rabbit vibrators that I’m talking about in the video, all of which are from Simply Pleasure* From left to right: Minx Powerslide, £17.95   Very similar to the ‘original’ rabbit design, this version is cheap, cheerful and functional. My reviewer said “Not the most stylish of rabbits, but it certainly does what it’s meant to”. G Tongue, £27.95 Wouldja just LOOK at that tongue action! With an angled tip and a very energetic bullet-powered tongue, this translucent vibe is really good for getting pressure into the right places. Dual Whirl, £65 The most expensive vibe on the list, and with good reason – this thing is seriously heavy duty. It feels hefty and solid and the steel ball bearings inside the shaft really do their job. I really, really liked this one *strokes pretty toy lovingly* Minx Glitter G...

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Awesome sexy giveaway time!

*** Fancy winning these beauties? OF COURSE YOU DO. To celebrate my collaboration with Simply Pleasure* (pleasure in all the right places, ohhh yes), I’m giving away a collection of sex toys worth more than £125! To enter, you just need to subscribe to my newsletter and/or ‘like’ the Sex, Death, Rock’n’Roll Facebook page. *** Prize includes: Motorhead ‘Ace of Spades’ 7 function vibrator    ‘…a sinfully sexy addition to your box of tricks. This guy loves to take center stage when it comes to partner play, but you can power him up for a steamy solo sesh that’s all your own. This black bullet is all the drama you need for a dirty date night.’ RRP £29.95. Lemmy not included** Ultimate Ears silicone rechargeable clitoral vibe ‘MinxPlus Ultimate Ears adds excitement to your escapade. This blissful little lass has two short ears for extra intensity. She’s made from super smooth silicone for a sleek feel and is USB rechargeable for anytime pleasure. This toy has 10 vibration patterns for every mood and moment and her curvy body makes the most of your natural shape.’ RRP £35.00 Mini Jack rabbit vibrator ‘This dinky vibrator combines the rabbit vibrator stimulation you have come to know and love, with the discreet portability of a smaller vibe.’ RRP £9.95 Finger Bunny ‘Enjoy finger fun that is refreshingly easy to use and discreet too! This Minx Mini Bunny Finger Vibrator  simply fits...

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