The joy of being a complete wanker

This post was triggered by a conversation with a friend on Facebook yesterday in which she admitted that: “The first time I ever realised I’d masturbated, I didn’t know what it was and thought I was going to die. I remember tearing through the pages of an Usborne book, frantically crying. And then I read that I’d given myself an ‘orgasm’ and the sobs just got louder until I realised I was actually going to live. “ Because that is the kind of conversations I have with friends on social media. Anyway it got me to thinking – I...

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International Women’s Day and how I used to be ‘that idiot who just doesn’t get it’

CONFESSION TIME. Years ago I had a spat with a dear friend on International Women’s Day – because, believe it or not, I’d commented on Twitter that I didn’t understand why it was necessary and was there a male equivalent (I know, I know).   What the FUCK was I on when I wrote that?? If I’m being truthful I suspect I’d just woken up and pinged my first thought on the matter out into the ether without putting it through the filters first. I have well-documented filter issues. But more likely is that, certainly up until that point, I’d...

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Why you shouldn’t work for free (except when you should)

This post is prompted by an email I received recently from a PR agency, on behalf of a very large and very famous commercial brand. As I described it on Facebook: PR: ‘Can I send you this lovely Thing from this big successful company in return for you writing a review about it?’ Me: ‘Actually I am genuinely really interested in this Thing from that company, so yes do send it over.’ PR: ‘Did I mention that the client wants it back afterwards and they don’t pay anything at all and could you talk about it on all your social...

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fifty shades of what the f*ck is this

I managed to avoid watching Fifty Shades of Grey for several years. Not because I was particularly against it – I’d read the first book in the series and thought it was bearable if somewhat tedious and annoying, oh and appallingly badly written – but because I kind of knew I’d hate it.  Since then, several people have told me that I really should watch it because, like it or not, it’s had a huge impact on the adult industry. And I do a lot of work with that industry. I even got as far as buying a copy...

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Mental Health 101: how to survive in Interesting Times

  I have a confession to make – I’ve barely slept for the past three nights (whatever time I go to bed, I invariably wake at 3am and that’s it til I need to get up around 7am, at which point I could keel over and sleep for a week because clearly my brain hates me). This is partly due to anxiety and also partly because I have had to up my meds as a consequence of said anxiety and they work a bit like speed, keeping my brain whirring even when I’m desperate to doze off. So this...

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