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How to be a successful writer when you are seventeen shades of batshit crazy

Because I am a gobby twat who writes for lots of different places and isn’t afraid of shoving the resultant work right up into people’s faces, I occasionally get mistaken for someone who knows how to be a professional writer.  “Violet,” gullible idiots people say, “you are clearly not of sound mind half the time, yet you earn your living as a writer. I too would like to be a writer, please tell me how.” Once I’ve stopped laughing I usually change the subject before anyone realises that I am, actually, a complete fucking lunatic. Yet I do still manage to make my...

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REVIEW: Mike Garry and the Cassia String Quartet

  Wightman Theatre, Shrewsbury – 11th Feb 2017 Words are amazing things. They fit together like jigsaw pieces and push apart like opposing magnetics. But people insist on applying seemingly arbitrary rules to them and then tell us we have to follow those rules because if we don’t we’re doing words wrong. When I was at school we were taught only the sort of ‘proper’ poetry that involved (in my opinion, at least) far too much lonely cloud-like wandering and comparing of poor sappy women to summers’ days. Because according to my teachers, those poets – the long dead...

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Eroticon 2017 – meet my sponsors

Eroticon, in case you didn’t already know, is the UK’s foremost conference for writers and bloggers who specialise in talking about sex in both fact and fiction. Founded by Ruth Douglas in 2012, Eroticon has this year been taken over by a new team and also has a new base, moving from its original Bristol home to Arlington House in Camden, north London. I’ve attended all but the very first Eroticon and will be there again this year thanks to my lovely sponsors, those awesome folk at Sheets of San Fransisco. I already knew the company, having met them...

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Write all the things, whilst crying…

*** I’m pretty sure that becoming a freelance writer was the most ridiculous idea I have ever had. This is a basic precis of the daily contents of my brain: Work. Yes. Desk is clear, brain is sharp, let’s work. *shuffles papers for ten minutes, checks Twitter* Work now. Oh I love this project, it’s such a good subject! Hang on, it’s not as fun as I thought. It needs research. Maybe I’ll have a coffee first. *two large pots of coffee later* Why is my pen shaking? Oh bollocks, there’s that other article that needs finishing first. Shit, is it due in today? It is. Shiiiiit. I should probably have another coffee first though, to sharpen my brain. AARGH I HAVE AN HOUR TO FINISH THIS I CANNOT DO IT WHY DO I EVEN DO THIS JOB ANYWAY AARRGH I know, I’ll write a blog post instead. Everyone knows blogs should be updated on a regular basis. There is nothing in my head. It is a bleak desert of grey nothingness. Who wants to read a blog post about nothing? But if I write a post about nothing it at least means I’ve written something today. And then maybe I will feel better and be able to get the other work done. And that, my friend, is why you have just wasted several minutes of your life reading nothing. Violet x...

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(Re)publication day – Indigo Moore returns

For those who don’t already know, I have a (not so) secret identity. As Indigo Moore, I write short story erotica which has proved very popular – I’ve been #1 in the UK twice, as well as top ten in the States. And after a brief hiatus, my titles are once again available on the Kindle store. Yay for smut! Satisfaction is an anthology of titles that were previously published individually – for less than two quid you get five stories that would normally be 99p each. The collection includes The Pick Up –  a story that was written especially for Eroticon and which has never previously been available directly from me. Click here to view Satisfaction on the Amazon store (link opens in new window*) Other titles currently available are: My Immortal – When Liz gets the opportunity to work as an extra on the set of a low budget vampire movie, the most she’s expecting is to be able to catch a glimpse of faded movie star Maximilian Petrov. Little does she know that Petrov is well aware of her existence, and has been waiting for her to arrive for a very long time indeed… Lamb – Winter looms over Lamb’s world, and only sacrifice will bring the sun. But gods willing, the blood spilt this Midwinter will not be hers… Lamb is the shortest and darkest of fairytales,...

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