Flavoured personal lubes from System Jo (review)

Okay, so lube is an essential part of any right-thinking person’s sexy ammo, we all know that. And the products on the market are so much nicer these days. Readily available, as well – even the supermarkets now produce perfectly adequate own-brand lubricants.

But however much the products improve, there’s no getting away from the fact that should you get it in your mouth (and getting lube in your mouth is pretty much a prerequisite if you’re properly having a good time, AMIRIGHT?), it still tastes a bit like you just gargled with olive oil.

As you can imagine then, when Simply Pleasure suggested that I try some flavoured lubes from System Jo, I wasn’t overly hopeful. Even though I have this deal with them that I’m under no obligation to be anything but honest, I wasn’t looking forward to having to report back that yes, flavoured lubes still taste like watery sticky stuff with a bit of artificial flavouring added. Embarrassing, innit?

BUT I WAS WRONG. Turns out that actually, you can get lubes that taste nice. In fact, you can get lubes that actually taste properly of the flavours they are meant to be. I reckon there are lots of people out there who understand just what a game changer this is.

I’ve tried out Cherry and Raspberry so far, and they really do taste specifically of each fruit (sidenote: these are water-based lubes – for further info about the other types available and when you should use them, click here). I cannot believe I’m admitting to this publicly, but they are actually pleasant enough that I happily dipped my finger in the bottles and licked it off. Ooh-err, missus!

The versions I tried were the 30ml bottles, which is quite small. The labels proclaim that they are equivalent to 10 standard bottles and I have to say I thought this might be a bit optimistic. Lube is lube, right? Well actually this stuff really does prove that a little can go a long way – a couple of tiny drops seemingly goes on forever. The smaller bottles also means that they’re really discreet – you’d have to pick one up and look very closely to realise what it actually was. If you decide that you like a particular flavour enough to indulge in a bit of bulk buying, they’re also available in 150ml dispensing bottles.

However hard I try, I really haven’t been able to find a downside to System Jo lubes – they work really well, you can carry them easily in your bag (always come prepared, is my motto) and I reckon they’ll last easily long enough to make them cost effective. Yay for slippy fun!

The products in this post were supplied by Simply Pleasure for review purposes. I do not get paid for reviews and am under no obligation to be anything but honest. For my full disclosure, click here.

Violet x