I think I actually hate this woman

I think I actually hate this woman


The fact that I am incredibly short sighted (-6.75 in one eye, -3 in the other) pisses me off pretty much EVERY BLOODY DAY. The lenses in my glasses are so thick that it feels as if I’m viewing the world through a dirty goldfish bowl (yes obviously I clean my glasses but you try to get through a day of sun cream, makeup and filthy kids and pets without getting greasy fingerprints all over your line of sight).

Glasses make my face feel CLUTTERED, goddammit. Okay, so it’s slightly better now that I’m an adult who can justify paying for better quality frames (and I currently have a really nice Vivienne Westwood pair), but I’m still restricted to heavy retro styles because of the thickness of lens that I need (yes I know that it’s possible to get them thinned out, but it adds cost and I just can’t afford it).

It doesn’t help that my hair naturally sits best in a jaw-length swingy bob, which means that ALL OF THE THINGS ARE IN MY FACE. I’ve more or less given up on makeup in the daytime because no one can bloody well see it behind the black bins perched heavily on my nose. Even when I do make the effort, the bridge of the glasses invariably gives me a greasy patch of smudged foundation right in the middle of my sodding face.

I do have and wear contact lenses, but have never managed to get to grips with wearing them for more than  a few hours. What I’d really love is laser surgery, but when I looked into it the price turned out to be way higher than that quoted in the ad, because of my ridiculous levels of blindness. I know that I should be grateful that my eyes work and that I’m alive and in a country with running water and all the rest of the shit that people like to spout, but y’know what? I’m a brat. A brat who would like to be able to get up in the night for a wee without walking straight into the edge of a door because I couldn’t find my glasses in the dark.

Violet x