It’s funny how people don’t like talking about bums, isn’t it? When it comes to sex toys, a huge section of the market is aimed at bum-fun – there’s clearly a market for it. SO WHY DON’T WE TALK ABOUT BUTTS?

Yes yes, I know there are plenty of specific sex blogging and advice sites that will give you no end of information, but it’s not often that you sit down for a cuppa with mates and they say ‘ooh I’ve found this brilliant new toy and you stick it up your arse‘ (actually this has happened to me, but then my friends might not be quite your average selection).

Bums are brilliant and so long as you’re careful (and hygienic), can also be a whole heap of fun. So where to begin if you’re just wriggling a butt cheek into the shallow end of anal activity?


This beaded anal teaser from Kinx is as good a place as any to start – made of semi-translucent PVC it has a bit of ‘give’ to it, so is more comfortable for novices. It’s pretty narrow and it’s only 5.5″ long, so it’s not intimidating and the graduated beads mean that you can take it at your own pace (make sure to pair it with a good water-based lube). The loop end is easy to hold on to and gives an added bit of security.

Suitable for both men and women, the Kinx teaser costs £7.95 from Simply Pleasure*. And if you want slightly more adventurous luxury, it’s also available as the Rippled Ice Glass Teaser for only £21.95

Violet x



*I have an affiliate account with Simply Pleasure, which means that I get a (very tiny) commission on anything sold through these links. However I do not get paid for reviewing their products on this site, so don’t worry – I’m always honest when I talk about products, regardless of who’s supplied them. You can click here for my full disclosure statement.