This is a sponsored post. However I only ever write and/or publish sponsored pieces if they fit into the usual SDRR remit – no jarring adverts for vitamin pills or pyramid schemes here! 

I couldn’t help but be fascinated by the idea behind the Dodil when its designers first got in touch with me. I’m used to sex toy manufacturers throwing all the bells and whistles at their products and hoping some of them stick, so the idea that someone had simply reinvented the plain old dildo seemed almost ridiculous. What can you do with a design that is so ubiquitous that it’s lasted for millennia? 

The answer, it turns out, is to think laterally. Rather than making their product do tricks, Dodil have simply put design itself into the hands of the end-user. What looks like a fairly standard shape dildo arrives packed into its own flask – you pour boiling water over it, leave for a few minutes, and ta da! You have a squishy, mouldable ‘thing’ that can be persuaded into different shapes and textures.

I honestly thought it would be gimmicky, but it’s anything but. You really can squidge it into whatever bumpy / ridged / textured shape you fancy, then either leave it like that or reheat and shape into something completely different. The massive advantage to this is that obviously from the producer’s point of view, they only have to make one design and the customer can turn it into whatever they like. And for the user, you know that it can be made into whatever shape suits you and your body. This is a HUGE step forward, because however clever ‘normal’ designs are, there has never been such a thing as ‘one size true fits all’ – until now.


One end of the Dodil stays rigid at all times (something to do with the thermoplastic element of the toy needing to have a solid base in order to not turn into a squidgy mess – they did explain it to me but I was too busy squashing and moulding and having fun to take much notice if I’m honest), which means you can leave that end sticking out of the hot water and it doesn’t get too hot to touch.

AFTER REHEATING IN THE FLASK (it’s like a heavy duty water balloon at this point)

OH MY GOD I HAVE NEVER HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH A SEX TOY BEFORE WITHOUT IT EVEN TOUCHING ANY SENSITIVE BITS. It’s like PlayDo for grown ups. Once you get the hang of it it’s easy to know when the Dodil is half cooled and easier to mould without it springing back out of shape.

The other advantage of using boiling water to heat it is that the toy is in effect sterilised each time you reshape it. Yay hygiene!

SECOND MOULDING SESSION (could be made smoother by briefly dipping back in hot water)

Just how ‘mouldable’ is it? Well, there are obviously limitations – you only have a certain amount of material to work with and the rigid section means that one end won’t change shape, but there’s a fair amount you can do with what you’ve got. Heating the Dodil turns it into something akin to a giant water balloon and you have to keep squeezing it into shape as it cools (which can take a while – I ended up filling the sink full of cold water and holding it under as I moulded it). Once it’s cooled back down it is completely rigid, with just the silicone outer covering to soften it.

I am pretty sure this thing is made of DARK MAGIC.

It really is a hugely positive change to see a simple product made brilliantly, as opposed to the endless examples of over-engineering at the expense of usability that flood the market. And it looks gorgeous – the colour is refreshingly different to the tedious pink/purple/’skin that is unlike any skin tone I’ve ever seen’ that’s so often used on toys and the matching flask is neatly understated and well made. I’m also reliably informed that production of the Dodil will be shifting to the UK within the next few months, which gives them even more gold stars for effort. 

Given that there are so many varieties in shape and size on the adult toy market already, I can’t help but think that the Dodil could work out to be a real value for money purchase for those who want a toy that really is made specifically for them.

Buy direct from Dodil for €79 inc. free worldwide shipping