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AKA, ‘My Cats Are Determined To Humiliate Me At Any Opportunity’…

This is just a quick post to go with my latest Youtube video, which is about rabbit vibrators. In it I talk about several different designs, so I figured it would be useful to list them all here with links for info and shopping. Unfortunately I didn’t realise until afterwards that my cat, Mr Bobinski, is clearly visible in the background and is happily cleaning his nether regions for a good proportion of the vid. Sigh…

These are the rabbit vibrators that I’m talking about in the video, all of which are from Simply Pleasure*

SDRR rabbit lineup

From left to right:

Minx Powerslide, £17.95
  Very similar to the ‘original’ rabbit design, this version is cheap, cheerful and functional. My reviewer said “Not the most stylish of rabbits, but it certainly does what it’s meant to”.

G Tongue, £27.95
Wouldja just LOOK at that tongue action! With an angled tip and a very energetic bullet-powered tongue, this translucent vibe is really good for getting pressure into the right places.

Dual Whirl, £65
The most expensive vibe on the list, and with good reason – this thing is seriously heavy duty. It feels hefty and solid and the steel ball bearings inside the shaft really do their job. I really, really liked this one *strokes pretty toy lovingly*

Minx Glitter G Spot, £35.95
  According to the friend who tried this one out for me, it is ‘a bit weird to look at, but bloody hell it does the job’. Which is good enough for me.

Simply Silicone Hands Free Rabbit, £40
  I’m very fond of the new generation of silicone toys. They feel nicer and are just so much more aesthetically pleasing. This is a really good vibe – smooth and flexible, with seven different pulse patterns to choose from. It’s also nicely boxed (as are all of the vibes listed here) which is a pleasant change from those brands who think that a bit of shrinkwrap and some moulded plastic is acceptable presentation (it really isn’t).

Rumble Rabbit (currently unavailable, I’ll update when it’s back in stock)

I’ll be doing a full article about rabbit vibes on the Simply Pleasure website in the New Year, but for now – happy throbbing!

Violet x



*I have an affiliate account with Simply Pleasure, which means that I get a (very tiny) commission on anything sold through these links. However I do not get paid for reviewing their products on this site, so don’t worry – I’m always honest when I talk about products, regardless of who’s supplied them. You can click here for my full disclosure statement.