For those who don’t already know, I have a (not so) secret identity. As Indigo Moore, I write short story erotica which has proved very popular – I’ve been #1 in the UK twice, as well as top ten in the States. And after a brief hiatus, my titles are once again available on the Kindle store. Yay for smut!

Satisfaction is an anthology of titles that were previously published individually – for less than two quid you get five stories that would normally be 99p each. The collection includes The Pick Up –  a story that was written especially for Eroticon and which has never previously been available directly from me.

Click here to view Satisfaction on the Amazon store (link opens in new window*)

Other titles currently available are:

My Immortal – When Liz gets the opportunity to work as an extra on the set of a low budget vampire movie, the most she’s expecting is to be able to catch a glimpse of faded movie star Maximilian Petrov. Little does she know that Petrov is well aware of her existence, and has been waiting for her to arrive for a very long time indeed…

Lamb – Winter looms over Lamb’s world, and only sacrifice will bring the sun. But gods willing, the blood spilt this Midwinter will not be hers… Lamb is the shortest and darkest of fairytales, and not for the fainthearted.

I am currently working on a longer-length novella based on one of my most popular titles – about a journalist who gets involved with her rockstar crush – which will be available early Summer 2015.

The foibles of the strange beast that is Amazon means that I actually earn more for ‘library loans’ than I do for sales, so if you have Kindle Unlimited please do download and try out Indigo’s titles for yourself!

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Violet x

*my titles are available on pretty much every Amazon site worldwide, just search for ‘Indigo Moore’ in the Kindle store