Cos what new year isn’t better off for being started with a vibrating arse? NO new year, that’s what. 

The Gplug rechargeable vibrating butt plug does (as you might have already guessed because you are not stupid) exactly what it says – it goes up your arse and has a button on the end that you press for different vibration patterns. Personally I’d always prefer a straightforward steady vibration because when they go on and off at speed they give me a fright (and also I am a control freak and like to know what’s going on at all times). But if you’re not as anal (see what I did there?) about that sort of thing, there are 6 different patterns to choose from. 

The plug itself is very well made from premium hypoallergenic silicone, as you’d expect from a toy at the quality end of the market. It’s pretty much seam-free and is completely waterproof and washable, so there are no worries about hygiene. The motor is powerful and the charge lasts a decent amount of time – around 40 minutes from a full charge. The packaging is really nice – so many toys are ‘presented’ in horrible cheap moulded plastic, that the Gplug’s classy cardboard tube with neat carry handle is a breath of fresh air. The top of the box has a Union Jack on it, which is slightly deceptive – Gvibe is a British company, but the plug is produced in China.

The magnetic charger connection is neat but a bit wobbly – I plugged the USB on mine into the laptop to charge it up and every time it got knocked, the connection dropped off. That said, magnetic connections are great because they allow the toy to be completely waterproof, so I’ll forgive this as a minor issue. The only real downside of using such specialist connections is that you’re unlikely to have a suitable charging cable lying round the house, should you lose the one that’s supplied (although I’d assume you can buy replacements online).

Talking of cables – this one is a weird brick red colour, which jars against the otherwise lovely packaging. The manufacturers would have been better going with black, in my personal (and rather picky) opinion – it would match any colour product and is presumably one of the cheapest default colours to produce anyway. Although maybe it’s an intentional design decision in order to make the cable more identifiable in the drawer? I can’t be the only person who has an entire box filled with anonymous cables that get thrown out in a fury every now and again when I’m trying (and failing) to find a specific one. “iPhone…old iPhone that isn’t even used any more…vibrator…possibly an electric razor…actually maybe that’s the one from the missing 3DS…definitely vibrator…I have no idea what this one is from I swear I’ve never seen that kind of connector before…” You get the gist.

Sorry, went off on a bit of a ramble there. Back to business. So, the version of the Gplug that I was sent is the ‘large’ and, despite it not looking particularly intimidating out of the box, there really is a difference. If you don’t have much previous experience with anal toys then I’d recommend starting with the slightly smaller version (link opens in new window). But hey, if you’re feeling brave then give it a go – it’s not so huge that it’s going to make you wince when you sit down for days afterwards (this is a surprisingly high priority when you review as many sex toys as I do). 

As always, lots of time, patience and lube (all of the lube, there is no such thing as too much lube, ever) is needed – even more so if you’re trying plugs out for the first time. But in my opinion at least, the Gplug is well worth the effort.

The Gplug rechargeable vibrating butt plug costs £49.95 for the small version and £59.95 for the large, both from Simply Pleasure (links open in new window).




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