Oh god I love stationery SO DAMN MUCH. Seriously – every new notebook brings its user closer to the dream of a perfectly organised life, right? Whenever I feel as though the world is going to hell on a jet-ski, I buy a new notebook. And then mostly I put it away and forget I even own it.

I have the most ridiculous collection of unused notebooks. It’s like an obsession.

The one thing that makes me more likely to actually use a notebook is portability and the availability of different refills – and the Grand Voyageur from Paper Republic (by way of Pen Heaven) definitely ticks those boxes. It’s also beautiful, luxurious and smells gorgeously leathery, which is a total bonus to me (but possibly not so much if you’re vegan).

(Image: Paper Republic)

Working on the same principle as Midori notebooks, the inserts are held with elastics that thread through the spine. The Grand Voyageur comes with a standard plain booklet already inserted, but you can buy compatible refills online – I’ve just ordered a grid-style one from eBay for less than a fiver including postage (shhh, don’t tell anyone).

If you want something more structured (in all senses), Stigu‘s range of organisers and notebooks might be more your cup of Earl Grey. I’ve been using their spiral-bound desk planner for the last year and really like it – it’s clear and helpful and a tiny bit cute without being twee. 

Each diary page has a facing page that’s mostly blank for notes, but which also includes encouraging quotes and reminders to exercise, get fresh air, etc. I don’t normally like the ‘think positive’ stuff – I’m nothing if not a confirmed miserablist – but I can actually bear Stigu’s take on it. This is VERY high praise in my book.

(Image: Stigu)

What’s your stationery plan for this year – are you going with a desk planner? A wall calendar? Random notes scribbled on envelopes that will immediately be lost and you’ll just keep starting again? Tell me your stationery secrets!

The Grand Voyageur costs £25 from Pen Heaven – click here to view 

The Stigu Planner costs £18.90 from Amazon – click here to view