For this review I asked a gay acquaintance* to try out ‘Hugo‘, from Lelo’s range of prostate massagers. I love the luxury presentation of Lelo products and the Hugo doesn’t disappoint. I had a brief peek before handing the goodies over and all I could think was ‘but what what on earth does one do with that pebble thing?’

Over to our intrepid investigator…


The outward appearance was very pleasing – good looking to the eye and reminiscent of Apple products, which now appear to be the benchmark for good packaging. The inside of box continues with the high standards.

On first encounter one is left wondering exactly how the device will work; its shape having more than a passing resemblance to the common ‘double-entry’ vibrators that we are led to believe are carried around in millions of handbags across the land**.

Handling the toy immediately reinforces the impression of quality (is toy the correct nomenclature for a sexual stimulation device aimed at men? Perhaps ‘device’ or ‘instrument’ might be considered by some men as more appropriate)

The ‘instrument’ feels nicely weighted, it’s size isn’t overwhelming, I wasn’t left wondering if it use would involve industrial quantities of lubrication, a crowbar and nurse on hand in case I felt faint. It has a pleasing silicon feel to it that encourages handling. But enough of this, you are wondering what it feels like aren’t you.

Let’s get straight down to brass tacks. I have more than enough anal experience to last a lifetime and if I’m honest I quite looked forward to reviewing this product. Although I was initially disappointed because I tend to play with large toys, so was expecting this ‘item’ to be a failure. Luckily for yours truly any disappointment was rapidly dissolved once I started to play and explore its features.

The ‘weapon’ has various vibration modes, some more intense than others. I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of every single mode, suffice to say it buzzes and moves, vibrates and tingles and most importantly is very very awesome. Yep, for an old pro like me, I can safely say this holds its own against the manrammers and best that doc Johnson can offer the willing mangina. If it’s good enough for me it will definitely please the more inexperienced enthusiast.

Having cleaned and lubricated well, I carefully popped the ‘instrument’ in and turned it on. It fit snugly to the continues of my arse and taint***, does that area even have a real name?

Waves of intense vibration and stimulation started to build. There was a definite point of no return, where I knew something was going to happen. The waves of pleasure continued building, causing my muscles in my arse to contract involuntarily. My prostate was getting royal treatment. This was all about intense internal pleasure. My cock was twitching like mad yet I hadn’t laid a finger on it. The only thing I had touched was the wireless control unit (that a partner could claim control of). I was able to orgasm intensely, with no manipulation of my cock what so ever. It would be fair to say ‘thar she blows!’, the seaman reference is quite apt. You will need a lot of Kleenex. The prostate driven orgasm was spectacular.


See above


None that I could see

Value for money:

It will get a lot of use, trust me.

Who would you recommend this item to:

My psychiatrist

My warden

Men that like playing with their bottom


Well that was an interesting review, to say the least… I’ll be reviewing another Lelo product for men (the Loki Wave) very soon, so stay tuned! 

The Lelo Hugo costs around £160 and is available from most good adult shops as well as direct from Lelo.

Violet x



*whaaaat? Doesn’t everyone ask their acquaintances to test sex toys for them?

**seriously? Do men – gay or not – honestly think that most women carry an advanced level dildo in their handbag? What for, emergency communal wanking at the bus stop?

***can’t you blokes think of a better word than ‘taint’? I’ve no idea why but it’s always made me cringe. Cringe-y cringe cringe. Yes I know that’s my issue not yours, I’ll shut up now

I was sent the Hugo free of charge for review purposes but I am not paid for reviews and my opinions / those of my reviewers will always be honest (in fact if I really hate something it’s more likely that I just won’t review it at all and will go back to the manufacturer and ask them WTF they were thinking). I get a very small commission from any purchases made from links on SDRR, which goes towards site costs. I adhere to all advertising rules and always use ‘no follow’ links where appropriate.