Sometimes I ask other people to review products in order to give different angles on things, and also because I like to see their faces when I waggle something REALLY weird-looking them and say ‘It’s sexy! Honest! Please don’t run away!’

Luckily for me, some people are really gullible lovely, and say ‘Of course I’ll try that, it looks fun!’ Those are the kind of people we like here on SDRR.

We will call this particularly lovely person Jane. Jane tried out the Emperor Penis Sleeve from Simply Pleasure (or rather her partner did and she, er, joined in) and this is what she thinks (she’s still speaking to me, which is always a good sign).


Can I confess that I laughed when I was given this to review? It looked like something out of a sci-fi convention! I was also a bit confused about what went were, but my boyfriend soon realised that his balls were supposed to fit through the hole. I’m not quite sure how he got everything into it, but he managed somehow [note from Violet – there are diagrams on the box to explain what goes where, but our trusty testers were clearly too excitable to remember to read them].

He says it’s a bit difficult to get on properly, because air gets trapped in the end of the sleeve as you push your bits in. I have to say, it doesn’t look as ridiculous on as I thought it might, in fact it’s quite hot in a ‘what is that thing and what are you going to do with it’ kind of way.

I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to describe it in use without being embarrassingly graphic, but basically it is much nicer than I expected. It makes everything a bit bigger, obviously, but not in a scary way. We used quite a lot of lube with it, which helped. And I definitely liked the ridges.

I thought it might be off-putting for my boyfriend – like wearing a really thick condom? But he says he could feel through it quite well. And it didn’t start coming off mid-session, which is what I honestly thought would happen.

Would I use it again? We already have! I do like it and my boyfriend likes the novelty of it. Yes, I would recommend it to others – it’s not too expensive and it’s very straightforward to use, once you figure out what goes where. I would maybe think that it wouldn’t be so good if the man was very small or very large? Just because there’s no adjustment to the fit. But it would work well with most people, I think.


Thanks so much to Jane and her partner for testing this product for me. I have the best (and most tolerant) friends!

The Linx Emperor is available from Simply Pleasure and costs £19.95 

Violet x



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