Small but perfectly formed


Oh. My. God. 

Can I leave that as the entirety of this review? Because seriously, that just about covers it. 

I get to see loads of sex toys in my line of work – most of them a variant on the standard vibrator, but increasing numbers of massage wands, the vast majority of which are, well, ‘okay’. Not brilliant, just ‘okay’ (the exception to this is and always will be the Doxy, which I’m going to cover in more depth later this month – and not before time, as I now have three of them lurking in my bedroom and they are all my Favourite Thing Ever).

So when yet another wand turns up in the post, my first thought is usually ‘yeah, whatevs’. Anything smaller than the Doxy generally can’t pack enough punch to work as well as is invariably claimed – and if they’re battery powered or rechargeable rather than mains-powered then they’re even less likely to prove themselves worthy of a place in the Bedside Sex Stable (actually just a space under my bed in which I stash those toys good enough to use on a regular personal basis – the rest get relegated to cupboard storage).

You’d think, then, that the Rechargeable Mini Magic Wand from Lovehoney should be sitting in Loser Corner from the start. You would be wrong. You would be the wrongest thing in Wrongland. 


I received it as part of a parcel containing two of Lovehoney’s ‘Mystery Sex Toy Bundles‘. I was sent the ‘couples’ and ‘kinky couples’ sets, but because they were all packed loose in the shipping box I currently have no idea what belongs to which (although some of them are pretty obvious – I’m assuming the standard couples box doesn’t usually contain a whip, for example). It’s all good stuff and I’ll cover it in more detail asap, but I really don’t know which selection the Magic Wand is mostly likely to turn up in.

Anyway. If you like getting your rocks off you will LOVE the Mini Magic Wand, because it really truly does what it’s supposed to. Despite being usb-rechargeable it has good heavy vibrations, it’s small and easy to handle and it’s surprisingly quiet. You heard me (or rather, you probably didn’t) – a wand vibrator that does the job without waking the entire household. MIRACLES HAPPEN, PEOPLE.

Even more miraculously, it’s at the cheaper end of the market. If you want a wand vibrator that really works but you’re on a tight budget, I honestly cannot recommend this product highly enough. Only time will tell how sturdy it really is, but at this price it’s an absolute steal.

The Mini Magic Wand costs £39.99 from Lovehoney – click here to view (opens in new window)

Noise level – Spiritualised (background ambience is all you’ll need)

PS: I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, the best lube you’ll ever use with your toys is also from Lovehoney – I’d buy their Enjoy water-based lube by the gallon if I could. Have fun! 




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