This is slightly more glamorous than I ever look in bed, but you get the gist

I was sent the Luvvu mirror when I was writing a feature about mirror sex for Metro. I have to admit that prior to this I’d thought of bedroom mirrors as something you only found in hotel rooms – nice ones in good hotels, but also tarnished ones in grubby hotels with what look distinctly like other people’s fingerprints around the edges.

It would never have occurred to me to have one in my own bedroom at home – firstly I’d worry about having something that heavy hanging over the bed and secondly, having a mirror on the ceiling implies that you are a Certain Type of Person. And also how the fuck do you explain it to the kids?  “Yes dear, mummy likes to do her hair lying flat. No, it’s not weird at all. Erm, yes you can tell your teacher if you like, but I’m not sure she’ll understand” *makes mental note to avoid parents evening forever*

So I was a bit uncertain when Luvsense offered to send me a mirror to try out for the article, even when they told me it could be removed between uses. Because who the fuck is going to put a mirror up and down on the ceiling on a regular basis? 

Well, erm…me, as it turns out. Because this thing is clever. All you actually fit to the ceiling is a small bracket that’s covered up between uses and just looks like a blanked-out light fitting. 

Yes I need a new lampshade and yes I use my fourposter as a towel rack. Don’t judge me.

The mirror itself is acrylic, so it’s much lighter than I thought it would be. And despite not being glass it’s still a good reflection with no noticeable warping. It literally just pushes up and twists into the bracket and there you have it – your own Sex Den Ceiling Mirror. And, and, not only is it reversible – one side is standard mirror, the other a very flattering red – it is easily adjustable to all sorts of heights and angles. 

And it’s so easy to take down and stash away (it comes with its own very nice storage bags)! Because of this, it is actually out more often than not, because I know I can hide it at very short notice if needs be (although I did forget about it initially and had to give a hurried – and slightly sheepish – explanation to the cleaner. Who is actually very lovely and well used to my ways and barely batted an eyelid).

The Luvvu mirror is beautifully designed and lends an air of pure decadence to the room. It isn’t cheap, but given that it’s more a piece of very decorative furniture than a sex toy I think it’s justifiable if you really want to indulge. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to do my hair. 

The Luvvu mirror currently retails at £285 from Knicker Rocker Glory




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