This guest post is brought to you by a reviewer who wishes to be known as ‘Slightly Spiced Vanilla’ – and who am I to argue? I sent her a ‘Minx Water Bunny’, which is a fully waterproof rabbit vibrator from Simply Pleasure. Over to SSV…

The Water Bunny is a Purple Rabbit thing which is waterproof. The packaging is fairly functional – a bit Ikea in style – nothing off-putting but nothing special.

I was somewhat startled to see the rabbit bit looked like a rabbit, but ok, I guess that makes sense. What makes a bit less sense is the face on the other bit. Like a cheerful children’s toy gnome.

All that was going through my head was that scene from Local Hero when the two characters accidentally eat the rabbit they saved from the road. ‘He had a name.’ ‘Two names.’

‘It has a face – two faces…’

Ok. If you shut your eyes, it does pretty much what it says on the tin. The waterproof element is a nice feature – either for use or for ease of cleaning it.

It’s quite a nice colour and it’s fairly quiet. It isn’t subtle and it doesn’t have much variability of speed and pressure. I would recommend this as a good basic rabbit (with two too many faces) – nothing fancy but pretty effective.

Slightly Spiced Vanilla

I can’t be the only one who snorted at that review, but at least it show we’re always honest here on SDRR – and given that the Water Bunny currently retails for less than a tenner, it’s a pretty decent bit of kit for the money. Just don’t look it in the eye…

Violet x



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