My, hasn’t commercial bondage kit gone up in the style stakes? Let’s face it, there’s restraint kit wherever you look these days, since the release of That Bloody Film. But most of it is either cheap and tacky, or custom made for the serious end of the market and thus horrendously expensive (which puts it out of the reach of the average shopper and also probably terrifies them anyway).

This Scandal harness set sits somewhere in the middle – affordable without being cheap and nasty, functional without being scary.

Initial thoughts – it’s made of decently heavyweight fabric in the collar and cuffs (‘collar and cuffs’, fnarrrr) and the velcro’s strong enough not to come undone when your -ahem- ‘victim’ struggles.

The webbing on the body harness itself isn’t great – it feels a bit thin and cheap – and the waistband fastens with a plastic clip akin to those on dog collars (and I’m not talking about the sexy kind). At least there are enough D-rings to make it nicely adjustable and the body strap is long enough to fit around waists up to 46″. Manufacturers are finally waking up to the fact that most people are not teeny tiny and hoorah for that.

Minor issues aside, this harness is sturdy and absolutely functional. It’s difficult to wrench the velcro straps undone, however hard you try – which is precisely the point, amiright? The damask-style fabric gives a feeling of quality and is unisex enough to be worn by both men and women without feeling daft. Feeling like you look a bit of a plank is always a turn off (unless humiliation is your kick, obviously – in which case you’re going to have to look for something far less tasteful than this). Oh, and because the cuffs clip on and off the harness, they can be used alone when required. They’re definitely nicer to use than most mass market cuffs.

To sum up – (mostly) attractive, functional and good value for money.

The Scandal harness set retails at £46.95 from Simply Pleasure (link opens in new window)




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