GUEST REVIEW, because obviously I do not have the right ‘equipment’ for main thrust of this product (sorry). Luckily I have the kind of friends who actually manage not to run away in fear when I approach them with a box containing unknown pleasures. Over to our brave tester…
From time to time I get asked to review items of a special nature, items that you might not want your cleaner, parents or random visitor to find, but are a great deal of fun in the bedroom.
The outer packaging is a high quality gold and black box, with the inner creation cocooned inside, along with a charger, remote control and a nice little storage bag.
This aid is designed to work on the male anatomy (either hard or soft) and in the case of the Duo model it also allows the device to be used by two partners at the same time, fitting neatly between both partners pubic regions allowing vibrations to please to both.  The Pulse is shaped to fit around the penis, whether soft or hard and sit comfortably between male and female partners allowing close contact to be enjoyed.
However as I’m reviewing on my own I’m unable to say much about using it as a couple, suffice to say that the Duo model has additional vibrations on the outside that press against the female anatomy and can be controlled via a wireless remote control button.
So in this case it’s just me and my own functioning equipment put to test.
The Pulse is dark grey and egg-shaped, with a central hollow section and tapering curved wings that envelope the penis.  The material is soft silicon, covering the entire device, so it is definitely splash proof.  The inner surface has ridges and buttons on the side allow control of the unit, adjusting the speed of the vibrations.
The Pulse can work as it is straight from the box, but I preferred to use a little lube and get stiff before using it.  The Pulse wraps around the shaft of the penis nicely, the wings can hold it in place allowing your hands to be free for other pleasurable uses, especially important if you are using this as a couple.  In the case of this review I was happy to hold the unit and move it to enhance its effects.
Because the unit wraps around and sits close to the skin, its vibrations transfer well.  The level of control available makes it easy to stimulate yourself quickly or slowly.  Vibrations reach the head of the penis easily and are very pleasurable.  It’s easy to grip the entire thing and masturbate with it, enjoying the vibrations at the same time.
This is a brilliant device, whose applications reach beyond just self-pleasuring.  It is marketed as helping those with erectile dysfunction and whilst I don’t personally suffer from that I can see how it can still provide stimulation when you’re soft.  I look forward to testing the full Duo features with my wife as I can see this being a lot of fun and staple choice from our toy drawer 😉
5 out 5 outstanding, comfortable, powerful and adaptable!
Thanks again to my guest reviewer. The Pulse III costs around £99 and is available from these stockists. You can see a review of an earlier Pulse model here




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