SDRR wevibe Nova

The first thing you notice about the Nova from We-Vibe is its unusual shape. I confess to wondering how on earth it would fit anyone without a freakish physiognomy – maybe it clamped around one’s ladygarden like some sexy vibrating bulldog clip?

Of course it doesn’t (although bulldog clips can be sexy; just use your imagination). The smaller stem actually bends back on itself, a novel design which is intended to make sure contact isn’t lost as the toy moves.

May I take a moment to introduce you to Sasha the Stunt Fanny. I have draped her to keep her modesty, she’s very shy.

SDRR wevibe nova collage

You can see from pic #1 how different the Nova looks in comparison to standard rabbit vibes. #2 shows how the clever design works and #3 proves just how bendy this thing is.

I was dubious. Apart from anything else, toys that press down hard have a tendency to slip off – you know what I’m saying, right? And the Nova does take some wriggling and getting used to, but once you get the hang of it it really works, in an intense, oh my god I have no control over this ohhhhh kinda way. Do you own a Doxy? Then you know what I mean (and if you don’t, you should go read this very NSFW and fucking hilarious review by Girl On The Net).

A caveat – I don’t think you’d get away with moving the Nova a great deal without it slipping and losing contact, whatever the advertising says. But it doesn’t need moving very much, not when it’s this much fun kept in one place.

Like most luxury-end toys these days, the Nova is rechargeable and waterproof. It comes in very beautiful packaging (I’m not overly convinced by the blancmange-pink colourway, but it’s far less offensive than some of the Barbie tones around) and its charging cable has a magnetic connection which is much easier to use than the more common jack-plug fittings.


Remote app connection

When I first downloaded the We-connect app I thought it looked complicated and off-putting. Turns out that actually it’s pretty much the simplest thing in the world and I was just overthinking things. All you need to do is download the iPhone app (also available for Android), switch on the Nova and press the ‘pair’ option on your phone screen. Vibes can then be switched on and controlled via the phone, even when the Nova is turned off. And because it’s an online connection, your partner can download the app onto their own phone, pair up and control your fun from anywhere in the world. Saucy!


The lowdown

Do I think the We-Vibe works? It certainly does. Would I recommend it to others – yes, absolutely, if you’ve had rabbit vibes before and know exactly what you want. The Nova is a graduate-level sex toy, for those who up for experimentation and intense sensation. It actually works so well that it might be a bit scary for those not used to it!

Do I think it’s worth the price tag? Actually yes I do. I was sent mine free for review purposes*, but if I was in the market for a new luxury vibe then I wouldn’t begrudge the price, given the build quality. And it’s nowhere near as expensive as some others on the market.

Treat yourself, or better still get your lover to gift it – neither of you will regret it!

The We-Vibe Nova is available from Simply Pleasure for £106.95

Violet x



*I was given the Nova free of charge in order to review it, but I am not paid for reviews and my opinions will always be honest (in fact if I really hate something it’s more likely that I just won’t review it at all and will go back to the manufacturer and ask them WTF they were thinking). I get a very small commission from any purchases made from links on SDRR, which goes towards site costs. I adhere to all advertising rules and always use ‘no follow’ links where appropriate.