hot octopuss pulse duo guybrator

I first talked about the Pulse from Hot Octopuss last year. Very different to the usual products marketed at men, it is aimed at giving a completely different experience. A huge part of the Pulse’s USP is that it can be used in different ways by both the able-bodied and also those with physical issues. And it’s not just men that it helps – over to my fabulous female reviewer, who tested out the Pulse Duo:


I’m coming at this from the perspective of a woman who is unable to have normal penetrative sex due to an essential medical treatment. I’m lucky to have a patient and playful partner. Because of this, I was asked to try out The Guybrator. A vibrator for the boys.

Firstly, it is a thing of beauty. It looks like something you could happily see on the set of a Star Wars movie. It’s matt black and could double up as a wrist communicator for role-playing. It comes with a discreet little bag making it easier to hide away from nosy kids. My partner was able to use it quite easily as a masturbatory tool and there’s a remote for the speeds, which I had full control of. Using it as a couple took some getting used to. You have to make sure it’s in the right place or it got left behind, and we needed quite a lot of lube due to the matt nature of the finish. However once we got into the rhythm it worked well. I even got so worked up that I dropped the remote!

Personally I would like the outside to have more vibration to it, and maybe to alter speed along with the inside. I have tried using it with a (small) vibrator in place, but that kept popping back out again. More experiments needed.

Thanks for allowing us the first simultaneous orgasm we’ve had for a very long time.


I’m so pleased to see companies producing genuinely innovative new designs that actually live up to the hype! See (and buy!) the different version of Pulse HERE

Violet x