Those ears, tho…


When is a rabbit not a rabbit? When it’s the Rabbit Ears – a wiggly piece of bunny gorgeousness from The Rabbit Company, that’s when.

Actually, the one thing it isn’t is a ‘rabbit’ vibrator, despite being (vaguely) rabbit-shaped and produced by a company that specialises in the more commonly recognised design. It’s marketed as being both ‘purse sized’ and ‘near silent for discreet play’ – it is neither of these things. It’s dead on six inches long – anyone who wants to carry a vibe with them on a night out would almost certainly pick a bullet vibe, not a much larger, wiggly purple thing. And ‘near silent’ is only true if you’re comparing it to playing Foo Fighters at full volume. In comparison to a lot of other vibrators on the market it is actually pretty bloody loud.

That said, the Rabbit Ears is far more than the sum of my whining. It’s a lovely shape – different to anything I’ve seen in a good while. As an ex art student, aesthetics have a massive influence on how I feel about sex toy design, and this is one of those toys that you find yourself fondling in a faintly disturbing manner, just because it feels nice in your hand. And its cute ears make a satisfying flump noise if you flap them against your nose. Which I did, because I find this sort of thing entertaining. What can I say – we make our own fun in Shropshire.

The shape of the Rabbit Ears means that pretty much all of it is useful, if you know what I mean and I’m pretty sure you do. It’s really solidly made and holds a decent amount of charge, and it is powerful. Vibrations travel all the way up the ears, rather than being confined to the motor area.  If this actually was quiet, it would be up there with my favourite toys ever. As it is, I daren’t switch it on with anyone else in the house. In fact I did turn it on just now whilst sitting at my desk just to remind myself of the sound levels and my youngest son immediately yelled up the stairs, wanting to know what the noise was.

If I’d gone looking for a ‘near-silent’ vibe and bought the Rabbit Ears because of its claims, I’d be really irritated. But it is very good looking, works really well and is a decent price for such a solid piece of kit – sell it on its true merits and there’ll be some happy customers around, guaranteed.

The Rabbit Ears is £44.95 from Simply Pleasure 

Violet x



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