This is the final result, yes? SOURCE (contouring)

This is the final result, yes? (source)


I’ve been seeing more and more ‘contouring’ how-to vids on Youtube etc recently and am wondering if I’m missing out on something? I mentioned this on the Sex, Death, Rock’n’Roll Facebook page yesterday and was agog at the response! Attitudes were divided pretty much 50/50 between ‘yeah I do it all the time anyone can manage it ffs’ and ‘WHO EVEN HAS TIME FOR THIS SHIT’, the latter of which was basically my own thought process whilst watching said videos.

But now that so many people have said they contour their faces on a regular basis, I’m wondering if I’m missing out? I’m forever moaning about the size of my big ol’ moonface – perhaps if I let the colours work their magic I’d be (or at least appear to be) all sylph-like and slender? I suspect that I would actually look more like Picasso went a bit wrong with his planes.

I’m sorely tempted now, tho – I shall hunt out a basic contouring kit and give it a go. A lady of my age needs all the help she can get 😉 I will report back – and in the meantime if you have any hints and tips, comment down below!

Violet x