Stretchy purple goodness! Er, that sounds a bit wrong, doesn't it?

Stretchy purple goodness! That sounds a bit wrong, actually. Ahem.

It’s difficult to get excited by sex toys that are supposed to be for couples, purely because in my experience one of the players invariably gets a bit left out. But the Kinx 4Play Couples Kit is interesting because it’s quite basic – just a collection of small, standard toys – yet genuinely caters to both men and women. Actually it caters to anyone who likes putting buzzy bobbly things on their sexy fun parts, and who doesn’t like that, huh?

The items included in the kit are surprisingly good – the bullet vibe has a decent bit of power behind it and works particularly well with the little rabbit finger vibe. The ‘noduled penis shaft sleeve’ (a nobbly cock ring, in other words) also works better than the sum of its parts would suggest, and it’s nicely stretchy so should fit most people.

The only thing I wasn’t so sure about is the ‘finger sleeve’, but then I’ve never liked them – if I want to entertain myself with what amounts to a baggy condom on my finger I’d pop on a Marigold and cut out the middle man, I reckon. But it’s sturdy and probably works very well if you like that sort of thing *eyes you suspiciously*

The mini butt plug is, I think, a ‘love it or hate it’ item. If you already love plugs then you’ll probably find it too small (and the shaft bit isn’t long enough to stop it popping out at inopportune moments). But if you’ve never tried them and fancy it, then it’s absolutely perfect – small enough for complete beginners and can be used either with or without the bullet vibe inserted. And there’s no question that it’s a unisex toy. Yay equality!

At just under thirty quid, the Kinx 4 Play set is a worthy addition to the pervy armoury, particularly if you’re only just getting into this sex toy malarkey. And if you wear Marigolds whilst you’re at it, double sexy points to you.

The Kinx 4 Play Couples Kit costs £29.95 from Simply Pleasure – click for details 

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