(Picture: Tenga)

We’re starting the new year with a guest review. Over to this episode’s Stunt Cock…


Being the freewheeling sexual spirit that I am, it came as no shock to be asked to test a device promising to deliver rumbling sensations and vibrations from another world. I’m quite used to rumbling vibrations and it’s a common thing for me to be invited to put my old chap inside a variety of places, so this seemed like a marriage made in heaven.

Tenga are Japanese company who started in 2005 and specialise in masturbatory aids. One of Tenga’s directors, Masanobu Sato, is literally a world-famous wanker. Mirroring modern Japanese industry, Tenga have revolutionised a traditional product, developing innovative products that eschew the often oldfashioned look and feel of sex toys. Even the name was chosen carefully, to redefine what sex toys are about and to appeal to the wider Japanese public – ‘Tenga’ means ‘righteously arranged and elegant’.

I was given the Flip Hole Zero EV to test. I’m not sure what the marketing dept. are drinking at Tenga, but we’ll let the nomenclature pass – after all, the adult industry hardly has a glowing record when it comes to imaginative product naming. Or perhaps they were just following great Japanese naming tradition. Mazda Bongo Friendee, anyone? 

Let’s get down to it. This thing is a wanking aid. It looks like a hi-tech penis pump, that wouldn’t look out of place on the Nostromo – not such a wild claim, given that Tenga’s very own marketing bumph suggests ‘the elastomer sleeve bring a sensation from another world to your hands.’

Silvery silicon and white plastic, molded into a homogenous form, it’s the future in the palm of your hand. Handling it is quite fun – it’s hard yet pliable at the same time, with a large white button recessed into the top and hole at one end.  It doesn’t need a lot of imagination to guess what goes in that hole.

But the genius bit is on the inside. The white outer casing slides off, allowing the silicon innards to flip open. The inside holds two motors, batteries and other tech wizardry, all concealed in the soft fleshy silicon.

A ‘deep impact engine’ is always a bonus on a sex toy (Picture: Tenga)

You spread your favourite lube over the inside (it’s all washable) and close things up (no, you don’t clamp it around your cock just yet). Sliding the casing back on secures everything and then you’re ready to go.

Operating the Flip thing thing thing is easy – naturally I ignored any instruction leaflets and just plunged right in. Although the white casing is hard, the silicon is suspended within it, allowing you to press and flex the Flip, applying pressure as you see fit. It warmed instantly and felt lovely and gooey and sucky, all good things.

Things get interesting when you turn it on (it slots onto a neat little stand to charge, so there are no wires get in the way when you are playing).

Hitting the white button starts powerful vibrations, the two motors applying waves of motion to the head of your cock and down the shaft. Each press of the button cycles further through the different modes – gentle-ish, pulsing, different pulsing, insane mode and so on.

I pride myself on my ability to last a long time when I’m in the sack, but the Flip tested my resolve. The vibrations through the silky soft silicone, along with the pressure you can apply yourself plus any sliding motion soon takes effect. The effect suddenly ramped up – waves of pleasure built up faster and faster, over and over, until it was impossible to resist exploding inside. The feeling was amazing, almost too intense.

Drawbacks? The only one I can think of is that it requires washing out after use, hardly an epic indignity considering the enjoyment the Flip offers.

More playtime will be set aside to explore the different modes the Flip offers. This toy has real pleasure potential.

The Flip Hole Zero EV costs £199.99 from Tenga – click here to view 




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