Kiotos Single End Metal Urethral Sound Dilator

GUEST POST: because I really do have friends who are daft enough to accept when I say ‘Fancy trying something out for me?’ without first asking what’s involved. Fools. Over to our delightful (if somewhat nervous) tester…


Vi: “Here, try this out.”

Me: “Ooh, a gift!”

And I like gifts, especially tech gifts.  So I was very pleased to be handed what appeared to be a new ipad stylus – and lets not beat about the bush, this one looked stylish. A stylish stylus.

Vi: “Its not a bloody stylus.”

It isn’t? It’s got a lovely weight to it, slight curve, balance, a rounded tapered end.  But apparently its not quite the technical toy I was expecting.  I put my iPad away.

Vi: <sighs> “It’s a sounding rod.”

Lightbulb moment! Or rather a slowly flickering naked flame moment, that barely illuminates the subject at hand.  For a moment I’m slightly disappointed that this gleaming metallic rod, cast from what I now presume is some kind of medical grade alloy, isn’t what it first appeared. It now casts itself in a slightly more worrying light.

Lets put all thoughts of technology to one side for a moment and consider a subject I know – knew – nothing of (at least, not from personal experience) – sounding. How to explain this eloquently…  Sounding is the practice of pushing thin rods into body parts that normally let stuff pass out, not in.  Ingress vs egress if we are going to get technical.  The body part in question is the penis, – actually to be more precise, my penis.

This toy it seems is aimed at the male market then. Perhaps similar instruments (I think instrument is more appropriate than toy) exist for those of a female persuasion, but I’m unsure and at this point trying not to think about things too hard. Too hard? Is this going to hurt?  Lets be clear on this – I’m a worldly chap and willing to take one for the team in an experimentative sense, always up for a challenge and quite stoic – unwavering even.  I’m doing this for you, not me.

The first thing was to prepare.  How do you prepare for what appears at first to be some kind of self-inflicted surgery? Towels. Towels are always good. Douglas Adams always had one to hand. Lubrication seems a sensible option.  So armed with lube and a towel I get down to the business in hand, literally in my hand.

The rod is cold, has a pleasing weight to it and warms up quickly in my hands.  My penis also has a pleasing weight to it but seems less inclinded to warm up, although perhaps this is for the best.  I run some lube over the rod and gently place it against the entrance of my uretha, or is it exit? I should point out that I’m as limp as a Tory policy on helping migrants find work at this stage.  Slowly I push the tapered steel into my dick. it slides in a good inch with no effort.  It doesn’t hurt.  I’m not sure if I was expecting it to or not, but it’s a pleasant surprise and a not unpleasant sensation.

I keep pushing and probing slowly.  I can feel the metal inside me.  Any slight soreness is aleviated by twisting the rod ever so slightly, adjusting the curve as it passes through.  This feels nice and my cock is responding accordingly.  I play for some time, pulling out, re-lubing, sliding back in gently, getting deeper each time.  What I find out is you can go a long way.  The sensations are odd, oddly erotic, naughty but nice.  There is an undercurrent of the sensation of peeing, hence the towels just in case, but nothing happens.

As I continue to play I’m getting harder. which brings on a new unexpected sensation, that of fullness.  The hardened muscle in my cock is pressing against the thin rod (it seemed more like a scaffold pole in size when I first started this adventure).  It’s that presure that I’m now revelling in – it’s like having a hand squeezing your cock but from the inside. I continue to move the rod up and down my urethra  whilst slowly rubbing the outside of my cock.  I freely admit at this point I’m enjoying the experience, I’ve moved on from exploratory fascination to full acceptance of the situation.  I’m not quite sure what the situation really is, but i can figure that out later.

It appears I’m gently wanking my self off from the outside and inside at the same time.  As I harden the feeling is amazing and I’m determined to cum despite not quite understanding how fluids will be released.  There a definite point of not return.  It’s a real turn-on to feel myself harden around the rod pushing down inside me whilst rubbing myself and feeling all the pleasure that entails.

It’s not long before I feel like I’m going to explode, the rod feels amazing.  It’s a bit odd orgasming whilst holding a piece of steel protruding from the end of my cock and there is no evidence of spurting – things make their way out more slowly, which helps the rod slide out easily too.

I extract my new friend and give it a good clean, vaguely wondering whether what I’ve just done is even legal.  At this point you’d be forgiven for assuming I’m all done and ready to hand the torturous implement back, but no – this tool is getting put away for further testing.

Now I’m just left to wrestle with my conscience and question exactly how pervy am I?  And where can I buy more of these things?
The Kiotos Sound is available (in different sizes) from Simply Pleasure and costs £5.95 – CLICK TO VIEW 
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