Having managed to find the folder on my computer desktop that holds copies of the old Skull Illusion posts (a harder job than it sounds because my desktop currently has 551 icons on it – yes I am ridiculously disorganised), I figured it makes sense to repost some of them here, as many people won’t have seen either the text or the images before. 

This one has always stuck in my mind, for fairly obvious reasons.


Originally posted Nov 2013

Despite having run The Skull Illusion for several years now and seen hundreds, if not thousands, of corpses in that time, I have never become hardened to the grim reality of death. This is a good thing, I think – if ever the day came that I felt nothing when looking at post mortem images such as this then I would take it as a sign that it was time to give up.

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I came across this photograph whilst trawling the net for new post mortem photos. How on earth could an entire family have been wiped out at once, and such an age range?

The original image was on Reddit and had only the information ‘Mrs Day and her seven children in the funeral home’ attached to the bottom (there are only five children visible in the photo but the legs of a sixth can be seen on the very right, and presumably the seventh is even closer to the camera). Amazingly, an internet search immediately brought up the story – and what a tragic one it is.

From The Winnipeg Tribune, Dec 16th 1929 (all phrasing sic):

AXEMAN SLAYS MOTHER AND HER SEVEN CHILDREN Father, Throat Slashed, Found Wandering on Streets at ” Three Rivers, Que. ALL EIGHT VICTIMS NEARLY DECAPITATED Parent Confesses Murdering Whole Family, Say Police Special to The Winnipeg Tribune TI1KEE ItlVEUS, Que., Dec. 16 Their throats slashed with an axe, a mother and her sevan children were found dead in their beds here early today. The father, Andrew Day, his throat also gashed, was found wandering in the streets and was rushed to a hospital. Day appeared dazed and mentally unbalanced, but confessed ho “murdered the whole family,” police said. Day could speak only with difficulty, but wrote a confeaalon on a cardboard box and signed It, police said. Although his condition at first appeared serious, ho will recover. It was said at the hospital. Investigation Begun Police today began a thorough Investigation Into the brutal murders. Mrs. Day and her seven children, ranging In age from one to 14 years, ‘ AH were found dead In beds In threa rooms of their home. All were horribly mutilated, having ono or more cuts about the throat, indicating that the slayer evidently .tried to decapitate’ the vletlma. The three bedrooms where tha bodies were found presented a gruesome spectacle, blood staining the bed clothing and lying In pout) on the floor. ‘ , , Many Bloodstains ‘ Bloodstains also were discovered In other rooms of the house. 1 ‘. Day, ordinarily a quiet, mild – irutn – tiered man, la reported to have lost ‘ all his money in the recent stock market crash and since then had been very depressed. It also was stated that be had been unable to sleep for days. Police believe the shock of losing all his money no doubt affected the man s brain and, crazed by remorse, he slew his entire family and Then I tried to end his own life. The family had lived here for about four years.

 I’m sure that this was only one of many similar tragedies during the Depression (and indeed, that have occurred through time immemorial), but that row of little faces, ohhh…


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