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Zolo Stax Mix’n’Match Masturbator

This is one of the stranger items I’ve had the experience of plunging my genitals into for the sake of journalism. It’s a modular system so to speak, consisting of stackable rings held together by a half-tube of plastic with plenty of room to add more rings at a later date if you wish to add to the three you get in the pack.

It certainly doesn’t resemble any other type of masturbator one would normally come across (I use the term ‘normally’ objectively; just because it’s normal for me, it might not be much of a habit for yourself). In its packaging, the Zolo Stax looks for all the world like one of those strange novelty puzzles you get in the office Secret Santa that always ends up in the back of the cupboard when you get it home, with the intent of recycling it as a present for a younger family member’s birthday next year. Only you really shouldn’t, because kids are smart, and you don’t want to have to explain awkward stuff to their parents.

At first glance, it’s a curious looking white plastic coffee coaster holder with coloured rubber innards and is not instantly recognisable for its purpose, which might be a relief if you’re in the habit of absent-mindedly leaving your ‘kit’ about for more innocent friends & family to find & wave about. Or worse, try to solve.

During use you need to ensure that you’re holding the unit tight otherwise you risk the rings coming away from the holder – I’d wager that if you have small hands, it’s a two-hand job. I had some fun experimenting with which way the rings are stacked – they’re all different, reassuringly soft textures designed to give different types of stimulation to various areas of your little fella. I worked out my own combination quite quickly and I’m rather tempted to buy a few more rings to add to it to see how that works out.

Ultimately, the Zolo Stax is a very simple idea that takes no time at all to get going, and if by chance you should unwrap one as a Secret Santa package at some point in the future, you’d be well advised to not just throw this rather handy and pleasant feeling experience in the cupboard just yet…


The Zolo Stax retails at £24.95 from Simply Pleasure – click here to view

Extra stacking rings are also available – click here for info 

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