Sex, Death, Rock’n’Roll is a lifestyle blog with a rebellious twist.

I cover many topics on SDRR but my particular specialities are sexual happiness, 40+ beauty and (plus-size) fashion, tattoos, piercings and gin (I love gin, just send me gin. Please). I am also interested in autism-related issues, as both myself and the younger of my two sons are diagnosed with ASD.

I am happy to accept products for review; however receipt is no guarantee of inclusion in a blog post. My reviews and opinions are never anything other than honest and I always use ‘no-follow’ links where appropriate.

I (and my band of lovely volunteers) regularly review sex toys, giving preference to products that are particularly innovative. I am always, always interested in luxury toys for men and also those that are specifically designed for people (of all sexes) who have physical disabilities, because these markets are often overlooked.

I also talk a lot about autism and its related issues – my youngest son has High Functioning Autism and I am diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. Although society has come a long way in its understanding of these disorders there is still a very long way to go and I can be quite rabid in my determination to prove that having ASD does not make people any less of a value to society – in fact it can often mean the exact opposite.

Although I live in Shropshire I do travel to PR events etc if my expenses are covered and/or it is particularly relevant to my interests.

Rates on request.


I have more than 2k Twitter followers and a Klout score of 66. My Facebook pages have a combined following of 2.7k.

The majority of SDRR’s audience is 35-55 yrs old and college educated. Unusually for a lifestyle blog, almost a third are male.

75% of readers live in the UK, 10% are in the United States and the remainder are from Canada, Europe and Australia.

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Some of the brands I have worked with:


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