Life’s fucking difficult at times, isn’t it? Unfair, even – because sometimes there doesn’t even need to be a specific reason for the woe, everything is just awful and you don’t know why but now you feel guilty on top of the woe-ness because other people have it so much worse and fucking hell why can’t you just be HAPPY, goddammit?

Whoah there. Who ever said there was a hierarchy of misery that you had to stick to? If you’re down then you’re down, and fuck anyone who says you shouldn’t be because things aren’t that bad. If they seem bad to you then they’re bad, end of. 

And actually, also fuck anyone who says ‘at least you’re not a starving child in the third world’, or other such obviously patronising shittery – because there will almost certainly ALWAYS be someone, somewhere worse off than you, even if you’re living in a sewer and eating ants. Someone else will have a deeper, shittier sewer, but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to be pissed off. YOU ARE LIVING IN A MOTHERFUCKING SEWER, FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

But listen up, buttercup. You’re alive, aren’t you? And you’re reading this. Way to go, you independent thinker, you! You woke up this morning and were still breathing, which is always a good start in my book. And then you put one foot in front of the other and you kept going and woop! you’re still breathing now whilst you read this rambling nonsensical blart that is spewing out of my head from god knows where.

It’s not entirely nonsense (although I wouldn’t exactly claim to be coherent, it’s been a stressful week so far) – you ARE here and you ARE still going and bloody hell, sometimes that’s a fucking massive achievement in itself.

It doesn’t matter if the mental hills you’re trying to climb are teensy tiny (but apparently made of treacle that pulls you back down as fast as you climb up) or the size of the fucking Matterhorn, studded with endless other practical crapness that is threatening to drown you on a daily basis. Just keep climbing the hills. Sing Kate Bush songs whilst you’re clambering inelegantly, if it helps (it generally helps me; Kate is the answer to many troubles in life).

Just. Keep. Climbing.

You got this.


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